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Baker Tilly Digital provides digital knowledge, resources and capabilities with a strategic approach to IFS Cloud implementations that is transformational.


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If you’re running a legacy or end-of-life system, you’re at risk of stalling your business, facing rising costs, losing your competitive edge and missing out on revenue. Digital technology transformation is an opportunity for your organization to fundamentally change the way they operate to better serve your customers, have improved employee engagement, streamline processes and discover new paths to growth.

    With IFS and Baker Tilly Digital, you have a strategic alliance that offers unparalleled breadth and depth of industry experience, allowing you to accelerate your output and dynamically enhance your business while making no compromises to the way that you go to market. IFS stands alone in the service industry in its ability to provide the whole picture of your service business, from the asset, through the execution.

    Forward-thinking companies now strive for excellence through optimization, and firms are laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s challenges by focusing on utilities like cross-organization integration, outcomes-based contracts, and zero-touch service to maintain a competitive edge. This speaks to a growing imperative among all service firms to build a digital-first organization, focus on process improvements, workforce excellence, and passing those time and value savings onto their customers. IFS gives you the tools that you need to supercharge those initiatives with their service industry solutions.

    As an IFS Gold RSI Partner, Baker Tilly Digital customizes each IFS Cloud implementation based on the client, their industry and their team’s business transformation goals. With you at every stage, our tailored, hands-on process empowers businesses to fully understand and utilize their IFS Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), enabling you to take better ownership at the end of the engagement with confidence.

    What is IFS Cloud?

    IFS Cloud is an integrated ERP solution enabling businesses to successfully compete in today’s global environment. IFS’s innovative solution allows businesses to leverage technology and real-time data to better connect operations among different departments. IFS Cloud Applications offers full flexibility, scalability and customization for the most complex workflows.

    Baker Tilly Digital

    How Baker Tilly Digital can help

    We bring a proven methodology that combines extensive systems experience and industry insights with flexible techniques for successful ERP implementations. Our dedicated IFS professionals focus on the business processes and needs rather than a simple functional installation. Our IFS Cloud implementation methodology can improve your operations and create lasting value for your organization.

    • Planning
    • Analyze and design
    • Build and test
    • Implement and support


    We develop both a high-level plan of overall implementation, alongside detailed planning that incorporates future state activities required to begin the next stage. A detailed project plan will be established that incorporates scope and timeline of the project.

    Analyze and design

    Process definition, software configuration, data migration analysis and customization design with detailed planning around activities required to begin the next stage.

    Build and test

    Develop customizations, perform testing, convert data and pilot software with detailed planning around activities required to begin the implementation stage.

    Implement and support

    Conduct end-user training, execute final migration of data, complete manual data cutover and execute full-scale roll-out.

    Industry-specific solutions

    IFS industry solutions provide flexible yet focused capabilities tailored toward supporting businesses with their challenges. Our team of Value Architects™ believe an ‘industry-first’ approach allows us to deliver maximum value to our customers with efficient and uncomplicated IFS solutions.

    Increasingly manufacturers are involved in complex, order-driven modes and the growing need to differentiate themselves in a global marketplace. Successful manufacturers use business tools that enable them to quickly embrace change and get value from it.

    IFS Cloud Applications is a single, integrated, cloud-enabled application suite that is specifically designed to meet the demands of all types of manufacturing business. Our Value Architects™ focus on keys to your success with best-in-class solutions that span the whole breadth of manufacturing.

    The food and beverage industry is perpetually developing in terms of consumer choice, with increasing demand for high quality fresh, chilled and frozen products and the need to continuously innovate. Major retailers, together with food service, have an enormous influence on the food and beverage market. Increasing regulations on traceability, clean labeling, the need to reduce salt and fats as well as production costs and lead times, require the food industry to be more flexible today than it ever has been.

    The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the world, and is a major contributor to the world economy. However, it is also chaotic, disconnected and constantly facing new disruptions. IFS Applications offers project management and asset lifecycle software to the engineering, construction and infrastructure industry.

    IFS has extensive knowledge of the aerospace and defense industry. Independently recognized as a leading, global supplier of enterprise software, providing solutions for aerospace and defense manufacturing, commercial aviation, fleet and asset management, services and performance-based logistics and military logistics.