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Signs you have outgrown your ERP

Most businesses are using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that don’t meet their needs, stopping companies from reaching their full potential and innovating for future growth and improvement.

Your ERP system should grow with your business and a modern, customized ERP will help solve your business problems and bring all of your operations into one system.

Signs that you’ve outgrown your ERP

  • Unreliable data – Are you struggling to get quality information from your ERP?
  • Slow processing – Old, outdated software can slow down your processing speed.
  • Security risk – Your ERP may not be as secure now you’re outgrowing it.
  • Reliance on spreadsheets – Your ERP solution should take away the need for additional spreadsheets.
  • Lack of application support – Baker Tilly Digital’s support offering manages your entire IFS platform Maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance costs – Are you having to spend money fixing common issues?
  • Many different systems – IFS brings together all your systems into one integrated ERP.
  • Lack of user knowledge – Baker Tilly Digital offers training, support and guidance for IFS systems.

A dynamic and agile business stays ahead from the competition. Advancements in technology mean modern ERP solutions can offer greater mobility, connectivity and integration to provide powerful data insights that allow companies to act quickly and confidently on market and customer trends.

What development features does your ERP offer? Discover how Baker Tilly Digital and IFS can support your business:

  • Real time data – IFS’ ERP feeds live data through your business systems to make effective and fast decisions based on your live customer data
  • Full integration – Integrating each of your systems so that your business only relies on one software for your entire business operation
  • Internet of things – Connecting and exchanging data with all your business devices and systems in real time
  • Servitization – Servitization offers an additional revenue stream and growth driver by offering services and solutions as a product to your customers
  • User-friendly interface – Each area is suited to match your business department and operational needs for easy use
  • Instant notifications – Get updated across the board from your business operations, customer needs and product manufacturing
  • Cloud capability – Full online capability to host each of your business services. Offering greater growth opportunities and development
  • Full customization – Customized to suit your business requirements, based on your industry, business operations, service offerings and customer satisfaction

IFS Cloud

Baker Tilly Digital partners with IFS Cloud to combine our strategic market knowledge and our advanced technical experience to provide your organization with a complete enterprise resource planning solution.

Our consultants and technology experts work to uncover and address any digital challenges your business is facing, to provide solutions targeted to your industry, requirements and business model. Working with you to determine the future vision for business optimization and customer value. Giving you the software you need for continuous business growth.

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