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Between changing consumer demands and sustainability goals, increased costs, regulatory pressure and supply chain constraints, the food and beverage industry is undergoing a revolution. Baker Tilly's understanding of industry standards, combined with our modern analytics-driven approach can help grow your operations.

    Services for today's challenges

    Many food and beverage companies face obstacles while trying to obtain clear and accurate cost data. By not taking the time to properly understand which products are responsible for driving profitability, you are damaging your bottom line.

    To aid business leaders, Baker Tilly has developed Dynamic Costing® solution and approach. Dynamic Costing examines the real labor and individuals that are touching the product, providing visibility to shift from standard cost accounting to cost management analytics. By leveraging industry specialization and advanced analytics, our team of professionals are able to map how that costing data flows onto the company’s financial statements.

    The changing supply chain landscape leaves food and beverage companies with little time to have complete visibility over their indirect material expenditures. Understanding how you can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) of your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and vital to remain ahead of the competition. Baker Tilly and DSSI, a leading procurement services company focused on indirect materials and services, have created the dynamic procurement service offering. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), we provide analytics and reporting capabilities to help automate purchasing and spend optimization.

    Areas of focus

    Distribution solutions

    Distribution is a fundamental part of any food and beverage company's business operations. Our experience with distributors is an integral part of our practice, we can help you streamline operations and automate processes.

    Supply chain optimization

    Supply chains are being tested with market disruption and changing industry trends, understanding what your supply chain needs is vital to ensure your food and beverage operations align with your strategic business objectives. Our professionals can assess your supply chain and work alongside you to develop a road map to reduce risk, improve customer experience and operational efficiencies.

    Digital transformation

    Digital transformation is impacting food and beverage companies, asking them to look inwards at their own data to determine trends that can help them shift suppliers, move to the cloud or combine invoicing to a single payor model to help streamline operations. At Baker Tilly, our professionals are well-versed in the digital shifts and are prepared to help your business move to your future state.