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The role of enterprise resource planning systems in the government and defense industries

Our deep-rooted government and defense industry experience ensures we understand the challenges your business faces when deciding on your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Government contractors and the defense industry as a whole face the unique challenge of constantly evolving regulatory requirements. These changing requirements directly affect business processes, compliance systems and client needs. In such a fast-paced world, many in the industry recognize that their information systems and financial processes have not kept up with both their growth and their changing needs. Leveraging the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can help you stay compliant while still managing costs, building your business, streamlining your operations and safeguarding data to prevent potential cyber-attacks.

As you start your journey to find the best solution that meets your organization’s needs, it’s critical to evaluate the many benefits an innovative ERP solution can provide.

How can ERP solutions help with common obstacles government and defense industries are currently facing:

Baker Tilly specializes in helping organizations understand and navigate the complexities that government and defense industries face. With extensive experience working with government contractors, federal clients, aerospace, defense and security industries, we provide functional and technical ERP systems knowledge to help find your business the best cloud solution.

From developing actionable market-entry strategies to identifying control gaps and compliance risks tied to regulatory and contractual requirements; our Baker Tilly consultants find ways to maximize profits while mitigating risk in a multifaceted and highly-regulated environment.

Our approach to assessing, planning and integrating complex business systems allows our clients to gain operational efficiencies, improved user experience and enhanced ability to support business strategy, compliance priorities, suppliers and customers.

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