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Balancing government contracting features with modern, scalable ERP capabilities

What capabilities do defense manufacturers need from their business systems to meet the challenges being faced today? Looking at IFS Cloud, walk through the capabilities of an ERP system designed specifically for the defense industry. While defense manufacturing functionality can be found across different ERP systems, IFS Cloud offers an out-of-the-box solution ready to go for manufacturers.

The circular economy

Defense manufacturers have been experts in the circular economy for years. After a product is made, repairs, remanufacturing, modifications, updates or complete repurposing or recycling are common processes, but they require software that can manage all of those operations. There’s a huge requirement for functional options that can provide reporting requirements and contractual management, as well as robust traceability throughout a product's lifecycle.

Embracing the circular economy is challenging manufacturers into rethinking how they design, produce and ship products. Having a complete product lifecycle not only helps maintain customers but is also key for new customers who are looking for the additional pre-sales, after-sales and support options. Adjusting business processes to offer these solutions helps manufacturers compete in the challenging market.

What capabilities are needed to navigate the complexities of defense manufacturing?

A central manufacturing challenge is having the tools needed to be flexible whilst having in-built compliance to create as little overhead as possible.

Having all business-critical functionality on system offers huge efficiency. Whilst one system avoids duplication or huge implementation costs, it also benefits businesses by providing one location for training and processes. As businesses evolve, a modern and fully scalable business application can be configured to add new features and functions to match your business needs.

Most defense manufacturers work on a project-based delivery module, tying manufacturing, procurement, repair and service activities into one project. This way of working needs a comprehensive tool kit with project centric operation throughout. Offering applications and project capabilities as standard to ensure functionality throughout a project.

Watch our session to go over in more detail the key capabilities IFS Cloud offers to combat modern-day challenges:

  • Integration
  • Defense contracting reporting
  • Defense supplier classification
  • Repair modules
  • IFS Connected Factory Vision
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