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Empower your company to actively manage inflation with Baker Tilly's IFS platform

Baker Tilly's Inflation Management Platform incorporates activity-based costing and other operational costing approaches to more accurately highlight the true costs of a specific product. Utilizing industry specialization and advanced analytics, our Inflation Management Platform provides more visibility into a company's costing data. It also allows businesses to map out how that costing data flows onto their financial data. With Inflation Management, companies are empowered to see the continuum of factors that are reflected in their costs.

Baker Tilly's Inflation Management Platform allows businesses to forecast how their products and customers could be impacted by inflation using write-back technology and predictive analytics. Our platform enables companies to be proactive instead of reactive to drastic changes in the market such as increased raw material costs and lack of supply availability. By analyzing past historical average costs, present prices and future open purchase and sales orders, Inflation Management makes it easier for businesses to visualize the continuum of factors reflected in its costs.

Inflation Management has pre-built connectors to IFS that eliminate manual data entry and allows for rapid deployment. Implementing Inflation Management with IFS can help your business provide more timely information and make more informed pricing decisions.

Cindy M. Bratel

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