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Digital technology transformation provides opportunities for businesses to fundamentally change the way they operate to better serve customers, improve employee engagement, streamline processes and discover new paths to grow. A modern, customized ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementation helps businesses problem solve and easily innovate for future growth and improvement. Technology is always changing, and these advancements mean ERP solutions like IFS can offer greater mobility, connectivity and integration to provide powerful data insights that allow companies to act quickly and confidently on market and customer trends.

Baker Tilly helps companies adopt the IFS ERP digital solution to conquer all organizational functions for sustainable success. Offering digital transformation for businesses through decades of industry experience and deep technical resources.

Supporting your IFS platform

IFS’ ERP digital solutions optimize business processes by driving operational efficiency and automating tasks to help businesses get a clear, unified view that enables more control over your business. The world is ever changing and in order for businesses to gain a competitive edge, they can’t have unreliable data, slow processing, or lack of application support or user knowledge. IFS is constantly evolving their offerings and releasing new changes to ensure you’re using the best solutions.

It may be difficult to extend your team’s capabilities without dedicating resources or time to your ERP platform. Until now! Baker Tilly’s support means you can take proactive steps instead of reactive fixes, so your organization doesn’t fall behind the competition.

Next step, IFS Support

Our IFS Support is your next step, giving you a business solution with the additional security from our technical team. Change, progress and evolution are huge parts of a growing business and it’s important to ensure your software can keep up with these changes. Our support team is one email away from providing you with any updates and advancements you need to keep pace. IFS Support is a great feature for those who don’t have internal resources to manage the platform. Baker Tilly is an IFS partner, so you can be sure we’re meeting IFS’ high standards.

Here are some of our recent support statistics:

  • So far in 2022, our median full resolution time for a support ticket is 10.1 hours. This includes a median agent wait time of 1.2 hours, while we wait for the customer to get back to us. Making our median ticket resolution time 8.9 hours.
  • We know that one business day can be too long for some customers, especially when each business area relies on their software to do their job, which is why we have priority options available.
    - For tickets classed as urgent, our resolution time is just 4.7 hours
    - For tickets classed as high, the resolution time is 6.9 hours

Resolution times are not all that matters when you need support, especially if it’s affecting how your business operates. Our team responds to the average ticket in just 10 minutes, ensuring you know that someone is working to get you back online.

Finding the right business technology solution to make your organization more efficient, transparent and insightful is key to success. Allow our team to help you build meaningful relationships with your next generation of customers and prepare your business for the future, without any technical interruptions.

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