IFS support with Baker Tilly Digital keeps you online, innovating and prepared to keep growing your business.

    Why you need support

    • Dedicated support consultants
    • Service availability
    • Business governance
    • Strategic growth and business planning

    • Perfect if you don’t have internal resources to manage your platform.
    • Direct access to experts with the skills and knowledge to support you best.
    • For ease and quick resolution times, by providing expert solutions.
    • We’re an IFS partner, so you can be sure we’re meeting IFS’ high standards.

    • No more uptime issues, we keep you online and running at all times.
    • Baker Tilly Digital’s internal IFS representatives give us exclusive updates and insight into upcoming changes.
    • Ongoing patch management for distributing and applying updates to IFS.
    • Full performance optimisation and innovation with guidance and best practices.

    • Avoid taking risks with Baker Tilly Digital’s experience and understanding.
    • Leave us to ensure you stay compliant and meeting your business’ regulatory requirements.
    • IFS is constantly evolving and releasing new changes, ensure you’re using the best solutions with our support.
    • Ensuring you can manage your business governance without having to think about your software, too.

    • Enables business development, instead of firefighting small issues and being unable to move forward.
    • Gives you additional time to focus on your business strategy and growth.
    • Baker Tilly Digital’s support means you can take proactive steps instead of reactive fixes.
    • IFS support is a value add to your business planning, empowering innovation and growth.

    IFS Support levels

    What we’re offering

    Incident management

    Our support offering will restore a normal service to any issue or error that arises on your IFS platform. We then take ownership of issues to fully identify, analyse and correct these incidents to prevent future re-occurrences.

    Event management

    Our proactive approach to constant application monitoring. We monitor and collect data from your IFS software 24/7, to track availability, bugs, resource and performances changes, so we know when issues are expected and can mitigate problems quickly.

    Change management

    Monitoring your system, we distribute and apply updates and patches when necessary to either fix issues, or update vulnerabilities in your software. Preventing incidents and ensuring your IFS platform stays online at all times.

    Problem management

    The support team proactively identify and manage the cause of any incidents or errors on IFS. This stops any reactive fix time and reduces the number of reoccurring incidents by ensuring there is full understanding of the lifecycle of any problems.

    Access management

    Easily control which users have access to your system. Our support team can control and manage your security and user details to ensure the right users have the correct access and resources. Assigning administrative users and authorised edit/view controls.

    Supply management

    Working with third party applications, Baker Tilly Digital integrates each system and application your business uses into your IFS platform. Managing the suppliers your business uses is essential to the operation of your business.

    Advisor meets with clients

    Go there with IFS Application Lifecycle Experience

    IFS Application Lifecycle Experience (ALE) by Baker Tilly Digital, puts more power to manage the IFS Cloud application in our client’s hands enabling shorter lead times and greater technical control of the software development cycle.

    • Outsource the technical burden and additional overhead required to managing the Lifecycle Experience for IFS Cloud
    • Available for all clients at any IFS Cloud implementation phase
    • Results in faster time to value, decreased IT overhead and access to an experienced skillset as means to mitigate risk

    IFS application management and hosting

    Baker Tilly Hosting is an additional service we offer to our IFS support clients. Our hosting service offers full data base management for your IFS application, including:

    • Application monitoring
    • Health checks and constant system checks
    • IFS maintenance and patch management
    • IFS support management
    • Performance optimization
    • Disaster recovery
    • Our hosting offering is full scalable to your needs, 100% private and enables 24/7 monitoring.

    Resolution times/software improvements

    Analyzing program data on tablet


    Our first support response time is less than 10 minutes.


    For urgent tickets, we aim to have resolved your issue in less than 5 hours.


    The average time from a registered support ticket to a resolution with the client is just over 10 hours.

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