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IFS transformation technologies in A&D manufacturing 

Aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing is extremely complex and requires harmony among many programs to be successful. This complexity can pose specific requirements for a company’s service management system and ability to see the asset through its lifecycle. Technology has played a significant role in manufacturing project and service management and helps optimize business processes keeping companies on track with their goals.

IFS is a world leader in the A&D manufacturing industry, recognizing the needs for software with engineer-to-order (ETO), program and project capabilities and other industry-specific requirements. With unparalleled knowledge of market issues and agility to respond, IFS can optimize the asset lifecycle in a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution with transformational technology that can adapt and grow as required.

Change and disruption are inevitable in the A&D industry as we continue to see turbulent market conditions, new technology and service requirements emerging. Preparedness for these changes and disruptions within the market is important for companies to complete their projects on time. When faced with market challenges, reliable business management is a valuable solution for A&D manufacturers, placing them ahead of competitors.

As specific demands for A&D manufacturing evolve, project activities may need to be adjusted to fulfill these requirements. When presented with new requirements, companies need a flexible, open, modular solution for project management. IFS can respond to these demands and is crucial for business processes to stay on track. Alongside its core capabilities, IFS business software can be tailored with disruptive technologies that will transform operations and challenge competitors. These transformation technologies can be easily configured around new processes, industry-specific demands and individual customer requirements.

Baker Tilly is an IFS Partner, dedicated to providing digital knowledge, resources and capabilities with a strategic approach to transformational IFS Cloud implementations.

Download the full IFS presentation Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers Poised for Growth here.

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