Construction worker marking measurements on a piece of wood

What makes for commercial and financial success in major construction projects?

Throughout the project lifecycle, having the ability to control the project commercials and financials is critical to optimizing margins and delivering to contract. As Baker Tilly partner Tony Ollmann states, “during this pre-construction phase, being able to bring all of the players in upfront, well before construction contract terms have been defined, is essential to a successful project. There will always be surprises, that’s the nature of construction, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all work towards minimizing the number of them that happen with good upfront planning and communication.”

Listen to the entire recording where industry experts explore how best to attain and maintain control of project commercials and financials – delivering success for your business.

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  • Tony Ollmann, Principal, Baker Tilly
  • Russell Collie, Project Manager, IFS
  • Steve Treagust, VP of Industries Programs, IFS
  • Robert Fitzmaurice, Director, CS Consulting Group

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Construction worker marking measurements on a piece of wood
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