Navigating disruption in M&D

With growing customer expectations and increased competition digital transformation has become more important than ever, leading to a shift in the manufacturing and distribution (M&D) industry. Forward-thinking companies now strive for excellence through optimization by focusing on cross-organization integration, outcomes-based contracts and zero-touch service to help maintain a competitive edge. This speaks to a growing imperative to build a digital-first organization, focus on process improvements, workforce excellence and passing those time and value savings onto customers.

Why IFS Cloud?

Increasingly manufacturers are involved in complex, order-driven demand management and the growing need to differentiate themselves in a competitive global marketplace. Successful manufacturers use business tools that enable them to quickly embrace change and get value from it. IFS Cloud is a single, integrated, cloud-enabled application suite specifically designed to meet the demands of all types of manufacturing businesses, providing end-to-end manufacturing insights including:

  • product-development-to-planning
  • production-to-shipment
  • customer-engagement-to-servitization
  • engineer-to-order (ETO)
  • configure-to-order (CTO)
  • make-to-order (MTO)
  • make-to-stock (MTS)
  • make-to-forecast (MTF)
  • mixed mode
  • customized product lifecycle planning

Industry overview

Increased competition, changing geopolitical landscapes, disruptions across supply chains and performance pressures and shifts in industry are driving the need for manufacturers to innovate. Baker Tilly and IFS understand these needs and can help businesses reduce risk, improve efficiencies across the supply chain and give you the tools you need to supercharge your initiatives with industry-specific solutions.

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage
  • High-tech manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing

Tackle the challenges of today’s automotive industry. Baker Tilly and IFS provides support throughout your whole product lifecycle from design engineering to production, delivery and service.

With integrated support for demand planning, mixed mode manufacturing and batch optimization, Baker Tilly and IFS can help with planning and production processes making it easier to manage compliance issues, REACH and Toxic Substances Control Act.

Dealing with retailers or regulatory compliance like the FDA can be a challenge. Baker Tilly and IFS can help respond with end-to-end visibility of your manufacturing process.

Managing the entire lifecycle of your high-tech products can be a difficult task, but IFS can help you meet increased customer demands and supply chain pressures. With their deep industry expertise and specific functionality designed for modern high-tech manufacturing organizations, Baker Tilly and IFS can help tackle the challenge.

Perpetual shifts and changes can make product lifecycles a challenge. With deep industry expertise and definitive functionality designed for industrial manufacturing, Baker Tilly and IFS can help you react and respond.

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