robot working in manufacturing warehouse belt Shaping the future of manufacturing with IFS Cloud

In the coming years, manufacturers will undergo significant changes as they adjust their strategic objectives in time characterized by rapid disruptions and a constant state of unpredictability and instability, which is often referred to as the “new normal.” In a time of inflationary pressure, skyrocketing energy prices and supply chain disruptions, manufacturers face challenges while keeping an eye on the long term. Apart from the immediate obstacles, a surge in cyberattacks, rising customer expectations and fierce competition for skilled professionals are contributing to a disruptive environment. Manufacturers must adjust their business priorities and shift focus beyond conventional core domains to encompass aspects like operational excellence, agility and innovation.

The future of manufacturing will be characterized by manufacturers that go beyond optimization and address key strategic topics like ensuring operational resilience, ecosystem strategies and improving customer experience through closer customer engagements. Manufacturing organizations will thrive if they use digital technology to optimize operations, create value and achieve competitive advantage.

Digitally transform your business with IFS Cloud, which offers a tailored cloud manufacturing software solution that meets the needs of your product lifecycle. Baker Tilly provides digital knowledge, resources and capabilities with a strategic approach to IFS Cloud implementations that is transformational.

This e-book explores key factors in digital transformation for the future of manufacturing.

Cindy M. Bratel
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