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What we can expect through 2023 for the A&D industry

2023 looks positive for the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry, despite our current economic and geopolitical changes. Major developments in new technology is helping to improve manufacturing performance and overall readiness.

We can expect to see more than half of A&D manufacturers using addictive manufacturing to help with asset repair and prototyping, helping businesses become more self-sufficient and improving fix times. 2023 will likely see the continuation of development within the maritime industry, with Maritime 4.0 and digital shipyards. This follows the recent investment from the UK Department of Transport. It’s also predicted that a massive 50% of companies are expected to receive a cyber-attack in 2023.

However, these new technologies along with their deployment models will only be successful and possible with improved security and a secure digital footing. Digital transformation is paramount in ensuring businesses systems are strong enough to protect data and prevent any potential cyber-attacks.

Choosing the best technology for company performance gives your business the foundation to grow and improve processes while ensuring you’re at a low risk of data corruption or compromise. IFS’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows businesses to advance cybersecurity as well as develop, improve and efficiently manage the change expected in the A&D industry.

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