Mobility & Transportation

  1. Shawn Anderson

    Shawn Anderson



  2. Tom Unke

    Thomas E. Unke



  3. Erich Bergen

    Erich Bergen

    MBA, PMP


  4. Ryan Holzhueter

    Ryan Holzhueter

    Senior Director

  5. Eric J. Kroll

    Eric J. Kroll



  6. Peter Pearce

    Peter J. Pearce



  7. Brian Shin

    Brian J. Shin



  8. Cory Wendt

    Cory R. Wendt


The automotive industry is experiencing disruption as technology and user behavior are transforming traditional vehicle manufacturing.

As legislation, consumer demand and supply chains change, the sector will continue to expand. Baker Tilly can help automotive companies adapt and new companies enter the market.

Areas of focus

Dealerships and after-sales service

Our automotive dealership team helps dealers stay ahead of trends and solve difficult issues facing them each day from manufacturing relations and inventory allocation to proper internal controls, we can help you with both near and long-term planning needs.

Distribution solutions

Distribution is a fundamental part of the supply chain process for automotive manufacturers. Our experience with wholesale distributors is an integral part of our practice. Our team includes professionals who spent years in the automotive industry and share their applied business experience and acumen.

Electrified internal combustion engine (ICE)

Traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face competition from electric vehicle (EV) technology. Baker Tilly works directly with Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and automotive OEMs to transform and evolve to the new automotive ecosystem, leveraging our Industry 4.0 maturity model, to help transform your manufacturing business to become more agile and responsive.