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Why challenger companies turn to IFS to keep ahead of the competition with cutting-edge ERP

Regardless of company size, having a challenger mindset is increasingly becoming the key for organizations to establish a competitive advantage. Even if you are already number one in your industry, you cannot afford to be complacent — if you are not challenging the status quo, questioning how you do things, or looking for ways to get value from new innovations … someone else will be.

IFS Applications offers cutting-edge ERP solutions to help challengers become leaders. But leaders, too, can use disruptive technology to change and evolve, flanking themselves before challengers can do it for them. The pace of change is accelerating. New technologies, from the internet of things (IoT) to artificial intelligence (AI), are disrupting almost every industry in ways unimaginable not long ago. To keep up, stay agile and competitive, you need an enterprise resource application like IFS Applications that is built around you and your changing future.

How IFS Applications can help ‘challengers’ to stay ahead of the competition

Take advantage of new technologies

The pace of digitalization is accelerating. Currently, there are 13 billion connected “things” that make up the IoT, according to analysts IDC, with the number rising to 30 billion by 2020. These globally connected things allow new business models and the rapid expansion of services into the global market.

IFS IoT Business Connector™ accelerates connectivity and reduces risk involved in Industrial IoT initiatives. Turns data into meaningful insight Shortens time from ideas to benefit Provides plug-and-play connectivity with the Microsoft Azure IoT suite as well as third-party discovery applications.

Adding value through servitization

From manufacturing to engineering and construction, the digital world is driving new business models, with customers looking for a total package that covers the outcome of the product as well as the product itself — such as platform as a service (PaaS) where the long-term contract covers everything from the printer to supplies, maintenance and repair.

IFS Applications provides a truly service-centric ERP solution. It’s ideal for service organizations or aftermarket teams who want fully integrated service capabilities and service organizations or asset owners wanting an integrated business system involving: Service contracting Work, task and resource planning Scheduling optimization Work in the field, using intuitive mobile solutions on any device.

Think and act on a global scale

Expand your business easily across international boundaries by having a single global strategy that still allows for country-specific requirements so you can focus on your core business, wherever you are in the world.

IFS Applications allows you to think global and act globally. Business processes are not just multicompany, multigeography and multilanguage but cross-company, cross-geography and cross-language. The result is that you can run multiple manufacturing modes, service models and supply chains together in the same application. In addition, it’s possible to consolidate results and ensure tax compliance globally, while ensuring that you meet all local requirements.

Businesses are now evolving at such a rate their current ERP software can become obsolete within a decade. Here are the telltale signs that you have outgrown your legacy ERP system.

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