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From field to fork, globally across the supply chain


  1. Doron Bass

    Doron Bass


  2. Jeremy Bivens

    Jeremy J. Bivens

    CPA, MST


  3. Lynn M. Gardinier

    Lynn Gardinier

    CPA, CMA


  4. Mark T. Kiecker

    Mark T. Kiecker



  5. Eric J. Kroll

    Eric J. Kroll



For nearly 90 years, the agribusiness community has relied on Baker Tilly for practical ideas and guidance.

With roots grown out of the Midwest, we understand the industry impacts you experience today. We provide agribusiness knowledge and familiarity across the country as we strive to share new strategies and business approaches.

Our solutions

The traditional approach to operating in the agribusiness supply chain is changing – and quickly. This new era of production in the farmland causes new challenges to not only compete, but to meet safety regulations, environmental pressures and global constraints in a timely manner.

We offer a tailored approach that maximizes profitability and cost savings. We monitor factors that impact the industry such as the farm bill, futures, global demand, input costs and the changing regulatory environment. Our team consists of professionals who work with agribusiness companies every day. Many of our team members either grew up on a farm or still live on a farm. We use that love of agriculture to offer direction and support with practical real world solutions.

Our experience comes from working with farmers, equipment manufacturers, implement dealers, fertilizer companies, agronomy support and food processors on through to the retailer. 

Baker Tilly’s agribusiness professionals are involved in agriculture associations, speak at national forums and author agribusiness industry insights. If you want a team of professionals that understands your industry, gets to know your business and offers solutions that will impact your bottom line while minimizing risks.