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Baker Tilly’s Sustainability Regulations Tool helps organizations identify compliance requirements

As ESG and sustainability move from a voluntary opportunity to a regulatory reporting requirement, new rules are popping up at every level of government. With so many rules to monitor, companies may be challenged to answer the question: “Which sustainability regulations am I subject to?”

Baker Tilly’s Sustainability Regulations Tool provides U.S.-based companies with initial scoping guidance for priority sustainability regulations, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) climate-related disclosure, the California Climate Accountability Package and the Federal Supplier Climate Risks and Resilience Proposed Rule. This tool also provides insights into the largest internationally relevant reporting rules, such as the European Union (EU) Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The tool helps leaders in compliance, sustainability, accounting, or other functions quickly understand which rules may apply to their organization to prioritize their reporting readiness efforts.  

By answering some targeted questions, the tool takes only a few minutes to complete and produce insights. As you respond to questions, you will be provided with real-time updates regarding the applicability of the respective regulation to your company. Additionally, upon completion of the survey, you will receive an initial assessment of the disclosure requirements that your organization is likely subject to.  

As your organization works to understand and comply with priority ESG and sustainability regulations, our ESG and sustainability team is available to discuss the details of this tool, further assess regulatory requirements and support you in meeting these reporting requirements based on your current reporting practices.  

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Get started with an ESG specialist

At Baker Tilly, we have specialists in ESG reporting readiness, compliance and broader risk advisory services. To discuss your survey results or an approach for compliance, please connect with Baker Tilly’s ESG and sustainability team to schedule an introductory meeting.   

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Global regulations are reshaping corporate sustainability. Are U.S. companies prepared for mandatory reporting? Download the checklist to understand which ESG and sustainability reporting regulations apply to your organization.

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