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Today’s business world demands both speed and flexibility. A rapidly changing business climate, coupled with your unique industry challenges and an ever-changing digital landscape, elevates the strategic role of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform helping to manage your business and deliver the right level of products and services to your customers.

You rely on your ERP system to make sense of the key data that fuels your business. Nevertheless, just like your physical plant, assembly line, or delivery trucks that need to be serviced or replaced to optimally support your business, evolving ERP technology creates increased pressure to rapidly understand ERP system advancements and whether or not to deploy them into the organization. If an organization is using the same ERP system it put in place 10 or 20 years ago, organization leaders will likely need to consider it time to replace it.

This e-book is designed to help a company determine if it is time to replace their ERP system and give them a broad view of the commitment needed in people, time and resources for a successful ERP evaluation and choice of vendor. With this knowledge in hand, your organization can make an informed choice whether to tackle an ERP replacement on your own or with the help of outside experts.

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