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In this uncertain time of the coronavirus, how can internal audit departments adapt to the rapidly changing environment to remain relevant and valuable to their institutions’ efforts? What are internal audit departments doing at this crucial time in history when yesterday’s internal audit plan may not be on point? How can internal audit departments position their work as additive – and not disruptive – to institutional efforts to maintain operations, preserve safety, remain economically viable and evolve? In the meantime, governing boards may need internal audit’s objective perspectives now more than ever. This webinar explores these questions and more.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • How internal audit departments are adjusting their work to remain relevant
  • Approaches for adjusting how and where work is being performed by leveraging technology and making the most of remote interactions
  • Relevant topics to consider incorporating into internal audit plans

Presenters and subject-matter specialists:

  • Mumta Taneja

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