College student working with campus mental health resource

Navigating campus care: a guide to evaluating and enhancing your college’s mental health resources

According to recent Student Voice survey by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, around 30% of students ranked mental health supports as their No. 1 priority among wellness services offered by their institution.

Enhance your mental health resources

Baker Tilly guide on navigating student mental health on campus

Student mental health continues to prevail as a top priority – and risk – on college and university campuses. Higher education leaders have implemented various resources and services to help with the crisis surrounding students’ mental well-being. However, without a proper student wellness risk assessment, gaps in the support model could impact an institution’s enrollment, retention, student success outcomes, compliance and reputation.

The objective of this Navigating campus care guide is to:

  • Describe approaches for evaluating an institution’s mental health resources
  • Express why having adequate resources are critical to student well-being
  • Demonstrate how an assessment can help the institution overall

Baker Tilly can help your institution address student mental health

Our higher education risk specialists give institutions specialized advice and guidance to help them evaluate their student health programs and resources. We conduct assessments that identify potential risks and areas for improvement, devise strategies to mitigate risks and implement best practices to enhance an institution’s holistic student wellness support and services.

To learn more about how our higher education specialists can help your institution, contact our team.

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