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Higher education goes virtual: assessing oversight, academic continuity and integrity

Higher education’s sudden and somewhat unplanned shift to virtual learning platforms as a result of the ongoing public health crisis has emphasized the importance of a sound online learning framework to ensure academic continuity. However, colleges and universities have been equally compelled to address the risks “going virtual” have created to their online learning platforms, the potential long-term financial risks due to extra unanticipated expenses and brand vulnerability if students are dissatisfied with how they have responded.

As institutions evaluate their processes related to delivering curriculum online, there are several challenges and recommendations for leadership to consider. Internal audit can play a key role in helping process owners across campus assess their operations and make recommendations to address control and compliance gaps and enhance efficiency, effectiveness and constituent (faculty and student) satisfaction.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Identify common challenges and compliance concerns across topics such as course development and delivery, institutional resources, academic integrity and information technology
  • Provide considerations for addressing common challenges as well as compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Share best practices and lessons learned

Presenters and subject matter specialists:

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