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Agile Internal Audit

Our agile auditing specialists take a practical approach to agile implementation, to help organizations respond faster to changing risks and priorities.

Baker Tilly’s agile internal audit specialists are Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Internal Auditors® that take a practical approach to agile implementation, helping organizations respond faster to changing risks and priorities, accelerate audit cycles and increase the value and insights gained from the internal audit function.

    Our take

    In many industries, disruptions are bigger, coming faster and require responses that are quicker and more fluid. In this environment, internal audit must also be more flexible and agile. Leading organizations view internal audit as a catalyst and valued resource, challenging the status quo and proactively identifying and focusing on emerging risks. Internal audit must be at the forefront of change and disruption with innovative strategies and an equally flexible approach supported by the right talent.

    Agile auditing principles and methods can be an excellent addition and complement to current internal audit procedures and methods in environments where:

    • Risks are rapidly changing,
    • There is a need to prioritize and focus efforts on the highest best use of time and resources,
    • Management and the audit committee seek regular engagement, and/or,
    • There is ready access to quality data and resources to take an iterative approach to auditing.
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    Agile Internal Audit: transforming internal audit to add greater value

    In this on-demand webinar, Baker Tilly specialists explore agile principles and scrum frameworks with practical application to internal auditing.

    Our solutions

    We work with your team, side-by-side, bringing industry specialization and cultural knowledge to create a successful outcome that aligns with your organization’s goals:

    • Audit efficiency health check
    • Agile internal audit consultation
    • Agile principles consulting and implementation
    • Scrum coach training
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    Internal audit in insurance organizations: driving value through continuous risk assessment and agile plan delivery