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At The AVE 2020, ACUA’s annual virtual event held in May, Baker Tilly higher education specialists provided attendees with an in-depth, hands-on crash-course on how to read and understand Federal Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit reports, leverage reports to better understand current research compliance risks, identify and monitor red flags at higher education institutions and develop meaningful internal audit plans over research. The session utilizes recent OIG reports to conduct a number of case studies to identify specific common audit focus areas, observations, recommendations and institutional responses.

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of available federal audit materials including audit work plans, reports and responses, and where to locate these materials
  • How to read and comprehend federal audit reports, including how to “read between the lines” to better understand risks and observations
  • Best practices for identifying, assessing and monitoring the risk that common federal audit findings may occur at your institution
  • Audit tools and techniques to address common federal audit findings as part of your institution’s audit plan

Presenters and subject matter specialists:

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