Family Business

  1. Erich Bergen

    Erich Bergen

    MBA, PMP


  2. Duncan Campbell

    Duncan Campbell



  3. Christine Dahlhauser

    Christine Dahlhauser


    Managing Partner

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  5. William Grady

    William Grady

    J.D., CLU®, CFP®


  6. Karri Lapin

    Karri Lapin

    CPA, J.D.


  7. Joseph C. O'Neill

    Joseph O'Neill


    Managing Partner

  8. Gary A. Plaster

    Gary A. Plaster



  9. William A. Wong

    William A. Wong

    CPA, MST


  10. Lisa Yamakawa

    Lisa Yamakawa



  11. Brandon Zlupko

    Brandon Zlupko



Each family-owned business is on its own quest toward specific ambitions and growth objectives, while balancing varying personalities and relationships.

We know that each family business is unique; there is not one way to manage a family business. We are proactive, responsive and personalized, learning about your objectives and providing customized strategies to achieve them.

Deciding to leave your family business is difficult and taking over a family business is no easy feat either. We can help ensure a smooth transition by identifying strategic and viable options that align with your goals.

We can also assist with outside buyer transactions, ownership structures, next generation transition or recapitalization of the company.

Are you ready to retire, but not sure who will take over your family business? Our specialists can help you prepare an effective leadership succession plan, including identifying potential leaders, timing and development ideas.

Are you ready to transition your business to the next generation? Is the next generation ready? We will work with your next generation of leadership to ensure they have the tools needed to be successful.

We can prepare them for family dynamics and provide insight into your future-leaning strategy.

Emotions and relationships can often get in the way of making decisions or managing a family business. At Baker Tilly, we believe a set structure can power a forward-thinking approach.

We start by recognizing challenges you may have around board structure, policies, internal controls and accountability. Then, we build an approach that addresses those challenges and incorporates your required back-office processes and procedures.

Our goal is for your family business to run efficiently and effectively.

Strategic planning is complicated. When you add in family vision, values, financial goals or succession, it becomes even more complicated.

Our team can help you determine the best path to turn your family and business goals into reality.

Whether you plan to sell or continue to build your family business, a well-crafted growth strategy is key.

We have the expertise to guide short-term execution and long-term growth decisions, working together with you and your management team.

When family conflicts arise, our family business team can skillfully mediate and address these sensitive issues with transparency and respect. Our team understands how to address problems around ownership, roles and responsibilities, financials and the future of the business.

We can help you address those problems while maintaining a focus on your goals and each individual family member.

Family-owned businesses bring immense value to our economy and our workforce. Our team understands this value as well as the unique challenges and opportunities family businesses face. We bring enhanced clarity and innovative solutions, aligned with each family’s goals, to make the journey enriching.
Gary A. Plaster, Baker Tilly Principal, MBA
Gary Plaster
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