We understand that each family-owned business has unique ambitions, growth plans, widely differing personalities and unlimited combinations of interrelationships amongst individuals and entities.

Your organization is complex and constantly changing and our Baker Tilly family business strategy group supports you as you evolve. The Baker Tilly family business strategy group knows there isn’t one way to manage a family business and our team is dedicated to helping families realize and achieve their business and family objectives.

Baker Tilly’s family business strategy group works with you to understand the goals of your family and business, and develop a strategic plan to help you achieve them.

Define your overall family enterprise vision and strategy, a succession planning strategy unique to your family dynamics and improve family communication and reduce disputes with conflict resolution plans.

Grow the value of the family portfolio business by identifying value drivers and developing profitable growth strategies.

Develop plans for each family member (current and next generation) to address their future goals, aspirations and desires and how that fits into your family business model.

Our approach

Our process begins with a family business strategy assessment that allows our team to get to know you and your business. We spend time with you to learn about the challenges your family business faces, your opportunities for growth and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

Following the assessment, we develop a strategic plan and a roadmap to help you achieve your goals, as well as support you on your way there.

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Suite of services

Our family business strategy group works with clients to define long-term goals for their business(es), their family as a whole and each individual family member. From there, we develop a comprehensive roadmap that leverages a fully integrated team providing services in the following areas:

  • Family enterprise strategy
    What is the vision of the family as it relates to the family business? Is the plan to keep the business in the family? Are you hoping to grow? Looking to sell? Our team works with you to fully understand the vision, values, strategic objectives and financial goals of your family business and pulls together a detailed action plan to help you achieve them.
  • Exit strategies and ownership transition
    The decision to move on from your family business is a big one and taking over a family business is no easy feat either. We work with you to develop and determine strategic and viable options that align with your personal goals and those of the company. We understand your objectives and develop a plan to get you there, while assisting with outside buyer transactions, ownership structures, transitions to the next generation or another family member or recapitalization of the company.
  • Estate planning and wealth preservation
    Ensure financial security for yourself and generations to come with a detailed estate plan. Our team works with you to develop a plan that realizes your family, business and charitable legacies, all while minimizing your tax impact.
  • Leadership assessment and development
    Ready to retire, but not sure how to determine who will take over your family business? We work with you to prepare a leadership succession plan, including identifying potential future leaders and timing and development plans.
  • Growth strategy
    Whether you plan on selling your family business or continue to build it, having a well-crafted growth strategy is key to growing the enterprise value. Our team works closely with you and your management teams to develop these strategies to grow value and reduce risk.
  • Wealth management
    Our team offers integrated financial planning, retirement and risk management services to individuals and families. We embrace a unique values-based approach which systematically aligns financial decision making with the stated passions and long-term priorities of individual family members.
  • Family governance
    Is one of your family-owned business challenges the need for a more formal board structure, policies, internal controls or accountability? Our family business strategy team works with you to develop a formal structure that incorporates the back office processes and procedures required to run your family business efficiently and effectively.
  • Family dynamics and conflict resolution
    Family-owned businesses come with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our team understands how to deal with family business problems and conflict that can arise around ownership, roles and responsibilities, financials and the future of the business. We work with you to mediate and address these critical and sensitive issues while maintaining a focus on the goals of the business and each individual family member.
  • Next generation development
    You’re ready to transition your family business to the next generation, but want to ensure they have the tools they’ll need to be successful. We work with your next generation of leadership to prepare them for the unique family business dynamics they’ll encounter and the future of the business.

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Our Take

image of Gary A. Plaster

“Our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities of family-owned businesses. We know the value family-owned businesses bring to our economy by accounting for 64 percent of U.S. gross domestic product and generating 62 percent of the country’s employment. At Baker Tilly, your business and your challenges guide our approach to ultimately help achieve your goals.”

— Gary A. Plaster Principal, MBA