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Charitable Giving & Philanthropy

Many individuals and families set aside wealth to give back to their communities, religious organizations or other charities. The Baker Tilly Wealth Management team works with clients to maximize their gift and tax benefits with philanthropy and wealth goals in mind.

    Typical donor scenarios

    Our DAF can be a solution for donors who:

    • Experience a high income year and want to set aside assets now to fund future giving.
    • Are approaching retirement, or want to establish a fund while younger and in peak earning years.
    • Want to minimize taxes, especially when selling highly appreciated asset(s).
    • Question how best to support several charities over a number of years through one gift.
    • Prefer flexibility to change their charitable beneficiaries over time.
    • Want to engage family members in charitable giving as a way to pass on family values.
    • Are concerned about the time and complexity in gifting appreciated assets to more than one charity.
    • Want to manage and track giving in a simple and organized way. One annual tax receipt.
    • Have favorite charity(ies) that cannot accept noncash donations.
    • Want to be able to give anonymously to certain charities.
    • Plan to sell a business or other asset or anticipate inheritance.
    • Needs time to decide which charities to support.
    • Have fluctuating income that makes it hard to maintain a steady level of giving.
    • Are concerned about the cost and complexity of a private foundation.
    • Understand that a large gift might overwhelm their favorite charity.

    Charitable giving

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