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Trust & Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate and needs to plan for it. Baker Tilly’s trust, gift and estate professionals will coordinate a plan based on your objectives now and for the future.

As you make decisions to ensure your estate plan accomplishes your objectives, Baker Tilly can be your guide.

Our professionals will work with you and your advisors to clarify your goals and objectives. Then, we will identify solutions, design a plan and implementation timeline, prepare for taxes, and more.

Our trust, gift and estate services

  • Wealth transfer economic and tax analysis
  • Financial planning, including cash flow analysis
  • Lifetime transfer planning
  • Charitable giving and foundation planning
  • Estate management and distribution planning
  • Multistate estate planning
  • International estate planning
  • Asset protection planning
  • Valuation services
  • Trust planning

Everyone needs an estate plan. Why?

Your estate makes up everything that you own or have an interest in. For example, bank or brokerage accounts, residences, physical assets, etc. are all part of your estate.

Proactively creating a plan can ensure that these assets are distributed how you wish versus how a statute defines. If you don’t plan ahead, “Uncle Sam” or your state of residence may become your heir.

In New York, if a decedent has a spouse and children, the spouse inherits $50,000 plus half of the estate value and the children inherit the balance – outright. To avoid this, couples can draft a will and create trusts to make use of federal and state lifetime exemptions and protect their assets for the surviving spouse and children.

Your will should be an integral part of your estate plan and helps to outline to whom your wealth should be transferred.

Where should you begin?

Start by putting together a list of all your assets and to whom you’d like to leave your assets to. From there, consult our professionals as well as a lawyer or any other advisors that you currently work with. We’ll work side-by-side to ensure your assets are protected and your estate is properly planned.

“Our professionals aren’t afraid to suggest forward-thinking strategies that will best suit you and your family. Our number one goal is to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the way you intended.”
Randi Schuster, Principal
Randi A. Schuster