A successful wealth management strategy can provide a comfortable retirement, complete with a sailboat

Wealth Management

We know your wealth is measured in much more than numbers. That’s why our strategic wealth management advisors take the time to get to know you and your goals first so we can see the full picture of your life, and help you live it to the fullest.

Wealth Management

Baker Tilly Wealth Management provides financial guidance, investment planning and related services to a wide range of clients, and our fiduciary responsibility is administered first and foremost with our client’s best interest in mind.

    Our team creates and implements measures designed to protect the portfolios of sophisticated and high net worth clients and ensure their desires for wealth transfers, family and charitable giving are efficiently accomplished using our values-based financial guidance approach. For clients who are just starting to invest or are wondering if they are saving enough for major life events, educational needs, retirement and unexpected expenditures, we help allay their uncertainties by developing and managing tailored savings and investment strategies. 

    Baker Tilly Wealth Management’s goal is to provide our clients with the critical support, advice and management they need, when they need it, and to exceed our client’s expectations in every engagement. Our clients’ goals become our goals, and we strive to be the continuity of their financial and wealth legacy through all aspects of their personal and business life, and that of their families.

    The following factors set our team apart:

    Fiduciary standard

    Baker Tilly Wealth Management is a fiduciary and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We are legally required to act in your best interest. More importantly, we want to act in your best interest! We are dedicated to reaching your financial goals and we respect your values, and act accordingly.

    Values-based financial guidance

    Often, investment advisors jump into a conversation with financial jargon and do not stop to find out what it is you are really looking to accomplish with your wealth. It could be support for loved ones, a philanthropic legacy or simply security that you have funds if anything goes wrong. Goals change constantly. Values almost never change. We create a plan based on your values.

    Strategic partners

    Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer you an integrated service solution supported by experienced advisors, user-friendly financial planning technologies and quality investment vehicles and insurance products.

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