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Wealth Management

Your wealth is measured in more than just numbers. That’s why our wealth management advisors take the time to get to know you and your goals first.

Wealth Management

  1. Alec Abbott

    Alec Abbott

    Executive Managing Director

  2. Allan Adams

    Allan Adams


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  3. Kelly Baumbach

    Kelly Baumbach

    CFP®, CEPA

    Executive Managing Director

  4. Mariel Braun

    Mariel Braun


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  5. Scott Burack

    Scott Burack

    CPA, J.D., CFP®


  6. Baker Tilly Professional

    Chris Cox

    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  7. Mike Delissant

    Michael Dellisant


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  8. Ed Drake

    Ed Drake


    Executive Managing Director

  9. David DuBrava

    David DuBrava

    AIF, MBA

    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  10. Michael Eisenberg

    Michael Eisenberg

    CPA, JD

    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  11. John Harrington

    John T. Harrington


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  12. Evan Heath

    Evan Heath


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  13. Tim Hole

    Timothy Hole

    CFP®, CIMA®

    Managing Director

  14. Michael Janis

    Michael Janis

    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  15. Zach Jaro

    Zachary R. Jaro


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  16. Frank McKiernan

    Frank J. McKiernan

    Executive Managing Director

  17. Jared Neven

    Jared Neven


    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  18. Matt Payne

    Matt Payne

    QPA, QKA, AIF®

    Senior Advisor, Wealth

  19. Melissa Santas Peterson

    Melissa Santas Peterson


    Executive Managing Director

  20. Jeremy Robert

    Jeremy Robert


    Managing Director

  21. Jerry Sneed

    Jerry R. Sneed

    CFA®, CAIA

    Executive Managing Director

Individual investors and families can count on our advisors to deliver thoughtful advice in all aspects of your lives.

We start by understanding your short- and long-term financial goals and building a relationship based on transparency. Then, we create and implement measures designed to protect and enhance what matters most to you.

Our services for you

Success can be defined in many ways. Some clients want to achieve a certain rate of return in an investment portfolio. Others want to design a wealth transfer strategy for the next generation.

All of our wealth advisors offer a range of services fit for the most simple or complex client relationships. We work with you to make sure we are executing a customized plan to achieve your specific objectives.

Identifying the best way to manage your investments can be a challenge. We have significant expertise managing retail, institutional and retirement portfolios. Our advisors have been successful in navigating different market environments for clients. Each portfolio is tailored to your objectives and constraints considering time horizon, risk tolerance and other short- and long-term objectives.

Once we’ve created your investment plan, our advisors schedule regular meetings to review your portfolio and investment strategy.

We help clients:

  • Build investment portfolios to produce risk-adjusted returns through market cycles
  • Identify and source investment opportunities
  • Review and rebalance portfolios
  • Use data aggregation software to provide transparency

We help clients make informed financial decisions regarding saving, spending, gifting and legacy planning, including:

  • Retirement planning
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Insurance planning and placement
  • Charitable planning
  • Education planning

Our advisors can work with you to determine how best to make your assets last throughout your retirement years. This includes determining your retirement plan withdrawal strategies and best use of social security claim tactics.

With an intimate understanding of your goals, we can suggest strategies to minimize tax liabilities. Our advisors work directly with you and your CPA to provide tax-efficient investing advice and tax strategies.

We help you plan for the unexpected and evaluate how insurance should be part of that plan. Our advisors proactively revisit your insurance strategy to ensure you have the optimal policies in place. Coverage options include:

  • Annuity insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Traditional and linked-benefit long-term care insurance

Having access to liquidity solutions gives you flexibility when opportunities arise. We partner with you to determine your best financing options within real estate, art, yachts and planes.

For many, there is a desire to enhance their legacy by giving back to their community, religious organization or other charities. Our advisors can help you plan by maximizing your gift through direct giving, foundations and trusts.

Education is an integral part of many client investment strategies. Our advisors can work with you to determine the best savings plan for the educational desires of your family.

Do you require assistance with something that you don’t see on our service listing? Through our affiliation with Baker Tilly, we can handle anything you need, whether administrative or financial. The list below includes just a sampling of the concierge services we offer:

  • Budget analysis
  • Tax planning/compliance
  • Recordkeeping
  • Bill pay
  • Income collection
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical claims
  • Major acquisitions
  • Mortgage selection
  • Payroll

Business retirement plans

Two women planning together on a laptop

Retirement planning is key to attracting and retaining top employees. We can support your business’ retirement plans, whether it be a 401(k), 403(b) or other employee benefit plan. Our advisors can help you choose the right fit for your employees and implement the plan. Then, we can work with your employees to help them reach their retirement goals.

Our difference

Client/family first approach backed by your values

We treat clients as an extension of our families. Because of this, we are proactive, responsive and personalized. We treat you and your values ahead of your wealth and take the time to understand your priorities.


Baker Tilly Wealth Management is a fiduciary. Fiduciary responsibility means we always act in our clients’ best interest. We are legally liable, morally driven and results oriented.

Integrated experience

Our clients gain a more holistic experience through the unique collaboration with Baker Tilly private wealth specialists. Together, we provide investment advisory, tax, trust and estate planning and family office services. This holistic approach creates more opportunities to add value for every client.

Unified technology and platform

We utilize a leading investment platform for equities, fixed income and alternative investments. And, we combine this with a data aggregation and performance consolidation technology. Together, they provide high net worth families with greater capabilities and transparency to all their assets and liabilities.

Awards, rankings and other forms of recognition are not indicative of BTWM’s or its advisors’ future performance. 

Accounting Today – 2022 Top Firms by AUM – Recognized firms were selected based on their assets under management. Data was provided by Audit Analytics, a premium online intelligence service that delivers audit, regulator and disclosure analysis to the accounting community. There was no charge to be included in this award listing. 

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Business management services

Are you a professional athlete, entertainer, writer or high-net-worth client that provides a specialized service? In an industry challenged with fluctuation and uncertainty, Baker Tilly can provide insight to guide your financial decisions.

Once our team understands your current financial situation, we can structure a flexible plan that maximizes your future. We can help with income collection, cash flow reports, cost accounting, payroll and more. We also have a full suite of services ready to serve entertainment, media and sports companies.