Christian Skodczinski

Partner, Expert BTE e.V., FUEDI ELAE, Publicly Appointed Business Interruption Expert · +49 (0)6126 - 5097623

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For over a decade, Christian Skodczinski has specialised in quantifying complex business interruption and stock losses within the German manufacturing industry, working both nationally and internationally. He brings to every engagement knowledge of the claims process as handled in the German market, as well as a detailed understanding of manufacturing processes.

Christian is frequently appointed as a joint expert, providing an independent assessment while working with all parties involved in a loss claim. He has particular experience on losses in energy generation, automotive, metal processing, machine building, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in line with the German industry structure.

He is a publicly accredited court expert for business interruption, and also covers related forensic accounting areas such as fraud investigations and product recall.

Before focusing his career in forensic accounting, Christian was active in various management positions within the Bayer Group, in Germany and Singapore, with a focus on product management, controlling and supply chain. While he has later chosen to switch perspectives and become a forensic accountant, he still remembers well how companies react to major losses, and the impact a loss has on their value chain, organization, market approach and financial statements.

  • Publicly accredited Business Interruption Expert, IHK Wiesbaden
  • FUEDI ELAE (European Loss Adjusting Expert)
  • BTE e.V. (Bund Technischer Experten), member




University of Strathclyde – Glasgow
Master of Business Administration