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Advanced Regulatory Compliance & Legal Support

Supporting legal counsel and compliance functions with a complete package of technology-enabled e-discovery, investigation, litigation and compliance services

Advanced Regulatory Compliance & Legal Support

  1. Mark Boettcher

    Mark J. Boettcher



  2. Matthew R. Morris

    Matthew R. Morris

    CFA, CLP

    Managing Partner

  3. Theresa Nickels

    Theresa Meiners

    Principal, General Counsel

  4. Bernard Regan

    Bernard Regan

    MSc, MBCS


  5. Kevin D. Schalk

    Kevin Schalk



  6. Amy L. Slevinski

    Amy L. Slevinski

    CFE, M.F.S.


  7. Christopher J. Tait

    Christopher J. Tait



Trust our accountants, technologists and data scientists to provide technology-based solutions to enhance the legal and compliance areas of your clients or your organization.

    Solutions for law firms, corporate and commercial organizations

    Complex disputes and litigation​

    Simply put, there is a reason so many clients consider us essential members of their legal teams. Our financial specialists are well-equipped to uncover facts critical to any matter, possessing not just an understanding of the numbers, but also the investigative strength to dig into what is behind those numbers. Our reputation for providing credible financial analysis is matched by a passion for financial problem solving and the delivery of reports and testimony that withstand the toughest scrutiny. Baker Tilly has provided expert testimony regarding damages in hundreds of complex commercial disputes. By virtue of our experience, we have intimate familiarity with the legal processes in state and federal courts as well as jurisdictions around the world.


    Electronic discovery (e-discovery) is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a legal case or investigation.

    Baker Tilly's forensic accountants, investigators and forensic technologists have the expertise and experience with various technology platforms to enable speed, ease of use and thoroughness of discovery for your firm’s clients. This allows your professionals to focus their time and efforts on presenting a well-researched case.

    Because, unlike hard-copy evidence, electronic documents are more dynamic and often contain metadata such as date/time stamps, author and recipient information, and file properties. We understand the necessity of preserving the original content and metadata for ESI that is required in order to eliminate claims of spoliation or tampering with evidence later in the litigation.

    Digital forensics

    Baker Tilly's forensic technology professionals can assist you and your clients with digital forensics (or forensic preservation) as you approach an investigation or litigation. With more than 40 years of experience assisting legal counsel and organizations with digital forensics for investigations and litigation, our team possesses the knowledge and technology acumen to successfully preserve your clients’ data.


    All clients and counsel confronting suspected financial misconduct need the same thing: a complete understanding of the facts. When companies find themselves in an overt or potentially adversarial situation, Baker Tilly’s investigations team is who they turn to for guidance. Our private sector forensic accountants have broad experience reviewing fraud claims and are supported by forensic technology professionals who are skilled at using computer-assisted audit tools to extract and examine large amounts of financial data. We offer a full suite of investigation services.

    Regulatory compliance

    At Baker Tilly, we guide clients through the process of developing, implementing, evaluating and adjusting compliance programs under a wide range of business case scenarios. Our experienced team combines deep financial acumen with a collaborative mindset in order to address a variety of compliance needs. We have the expertise and the tool set to make education and enforcement processes simple and seamless. And when issues do arise, we have a strong history of supporting our clients start to finish, from the identification of a suspicious issue to its resolution. Read more about our compliance offering.

    Compliance health checks

    Every company is subject to a number of regulations that must be monitored for changes and compliance. Baker Tilly offers a health check service designed around the hallmarks of a sound compliance program. As regulations continue to increase, our team of specialists can perform a compliance health check, which will typically spot, in real time, any exceptions or patterns that warrant further study. The data and insights gleaned from continuous monitoring can be used to enhance the overall compliance program and its controls. In addition to ensuring your organization meets regulatory requirements, regular health checks can also help reduce compliance costs and regulatory risk.

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