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Alan Lurie is a principal with Baker Tilly’s forensic, litigation and valuation services practice. An innate curiosity and a desire to know how things work have been the driving force behind Alan’s 25-year career as a forensic accountant. Alan uses investigative techniques to connect the dots while measuring economic impacts in complex claims and cases.

Alan has worked extensively with insurance companies and attorneys in the quantification of economic damages for insurance claims and litigation related to:

  • Business interruption and extra expense
  • Product recall and supply chain risk
  • Subrogation
  • Fraud and fidelity
  • Builder’s risk
  • Construction defect
  • Insurance defense
  • Personal injury
  • Employment law

Alan has examined losses across several industries, including construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, professional services, medical, retail and energy. He combines his investigative nature with a background in audit and tax to bring a thorough intentionality to his work – striving to uncover the most complete picture possible in every engagement and presenting the findings in an easy-to-understand format.

Alan has participated in numerous seminars and conferences on the topics of investigative accounting, fraud, understanding financial statements, business interruption, personal injury deposing a financial expert, valuation and measurement of damages to colleagues and members of the insurance industry and legal profession.

  • Quantifying losses in a complicated claim filed by a university when their solar turbine went down. Losses included an assessment of lost profits and incurred extra expense when the University not only was no longer able to produce enough electricity to power the campus and sell the excess to the power company but had to instead purchase electricity on the open market
  • Quantifying losses incurred in a fraud case where union officials were fraudulently taking funds to pay for lavish personal living expenses from dues paid by union workers over many years. The investigation required determining how much money was taken, how it was taken and if any of the money was recoverable for the insurance carrier
  • Articulating and measuring substantial losses in many personal injury cases for independent business owners or part-owners in business, evaluating how the loss affects current and future earnings potential not only for individuals but for the business as well. Engagements have included claims brought by corporate executives, professional athletes, actors, realtors, manufacturers and service professionals
  • Consulting in several bad faith cases where the insurance company has been sued by the insured when the insured believes they have not been compensated enough for loss of earnings in a business interruption claim. Evaluation has required the quantification of lost earnings that has revealed the insurance carrier overpaid on the claim in several instances
  • Reviewing product recall claims including recall expenses, lost profits, brand devaluation and extra expenses for agricultural companies, including a meat supplier, grocery store chain, food manufacturer and protein bar manufacturer
  • Analyzing and quantifying construction defect damages resulting in loss of profits, hard costs and soft costs due to delays in completion of construction projects for condo lofts, hotels, apartments and hospitals
  • Quantifying various losses resulting from the embezzlement of funds by a part-owner of a construction company, a not-for-profit director, a school district employee, a wholesaler, bar employees, investment bankers, and a CEO and CFO of a marketing company
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA)
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
  • The American College of Forensic Examiners
  • National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP)
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Alan has been retained as an expert witness and has testified in State and Federal court on numerous occasions for plaintiff and defendants in cases related to personal injury, contract disputes, loss of profits, subrogation and third-party liability


Orange County, CA


Master of Business Administration

Regis University

(Denver, Colorado)

Bachelor of Arts in accounting and business administration

California State University-Fullerton