Litigation advisors perform financial analysis in insurance-related disputes

Insurance Litigation Services

Proven methodology, industry expertise and specialized skills to solve the most complex financial puzzles

In insurance disputes where claimed amounts are questioned, Baker Tilly’s Global Forensics team can discover and define the financial value in the case. We bring together decades of experience working with legal professionals and a deep understanding of the insurance market to provide clients with independent and objective financial analysis. Using cutting-edge methods and tools to uncover financial evidence, our analyses stand up in court or in any other contested circumstance.

    The insurance claims process can sometimes lead to a dispute between the parties. When the numbers don’t add up, Baker Tilly cuts through the clutter to deliver independent financial analysis that sets the record straight. For more than 30 years, we have worked with insurance professionals, law firms and general counsel to determine the financial strengths and weaknesses of a case, including the sufficiency and reliability of evidence, economic assumptions, and the application of appropriate methodologies. From our decades of work in claims review, we truly understand the insurance market and the dynamics created by insurance policies and contracts. We are adept at working under tight deadlines that are often court-imposed. Analysis must be delivered efficiently and effectively, but without sacrificing accuracy or integrity. Most importantly, we understand the role our reports play in a case. As essential members of your team, our financial experts are well-equipped to uncover financial facts critical to any matter.

    Working in venues around the world, we deliver expert witness testimony at trial, in hearings and depositions, in settlement conferences, in regulatory proceedings and in mediation and arbitrations. Our reputation for providing credible financial analysis is matched by a passion for financial problem solving and the delivery of analysis and testimony that withstand the toughest scrutiny. Our team of experts provides defensible financial analysis grounded in proven methodology and process in a wide range of dispute types, including: