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Disaster Recovery

The emotional and economic toll after a natural disaster can be devastating.

Disaster Recovery

When a catastrophic event occurs, know that Baker Tilly professionals have experience with previous disaster recovery work and are ready to assist. Our specialists have helped clients after natural and man-made disasters, including hurricanes, oil spills, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and other catastrophic situations.

    I see firsthand the passion and long-term commitment Baker Tilly has to community development. They continuously seek opportunities to maximize the impact they can have … always putting the best interests of a community first.

    For insurance companies

    Immediate attention is placed on insurance company responses when a disaster occurs. We are here to help you calculate the economic impact of claims ranging from business interruption and construction, including delayed start-up, to stock losses.

    Our thorough knowledge and deep experience of property insurance means we know how the claims process works, enabling the entire review and quantification process to be streamlined.

    For commercial enterprises

    Smart business leaders prepare for and manage business interruption risks well before a disaster strikes and are quick to take action when one occurs. Specialists throughout our organization are available to help you with expertise including:

    • Business continuity planning
    • Real estate valuations
    • Disaster accounting and record-keeping
    • Construction risk management
    • Forensic accounting

    For government entities and not-for-profits receiving federal and state funding, including FEMA

    When disaster strikes, government entities and not-for-profits spring in to action. Our specialists are often called upon to provide support in: 

    • Oversight and monitoring of federal and state investment
    • Auditing assistance
    • Disaster accounting and record-keeping
    • Intergovernmental agreements and mutual aid agreement negotiation
    • Utility rate consulting
    • Public/private partnerships consulting
    • Accumulation of reimbursable infrastructure costs
    • FEMA claims application reviews
    • Oversight of FEMA payments to contractors
    • Construction risk management
    • Evaluation of fraud waste and abuse
    • Monitorship

    For legal counsel with commercial or insurance litigation cases

    A lot is at stake in disaster-related legal matters. You can rely on our understanding of the legal process in state and federal courts and our deep experience in: 

    • Damage analyses
    • Valuation analyses
    • Specialized research
    • Expert testimony
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    Federal disaster aid: Avoiding compliance complications

    The Baker Tilly team is an exceptional team full of knowledge, compassion and professionalism.