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Streamlining the costly and time-consuming process of electronic disclosure

Baker Tilly's forensic experts have the knowledge and experience with various technology platforms to enable speed, ease of use and thoroughness of discovery for your organization.

We supply dedicated forensic services to clients in complex situations involving fraud investigations, litigation, claims management, and damage analysis. Our specialized team can guide you through the discovery process, ultimately saving you time and resources during an otherwise high-stress situation.

eDiscovery services

Information governance and data management impacts all phases of electronic discovery (eDiscovery). eDiscovery is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting, preserving, processing, reviewing and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation.

Unlike hardcopy evidence, electronic documents are more dynamic and often contain metadata such as time-date stamps, author and recipient information and file properties. Preserving the original content and metadata for ESI is required in order to eliminate claims of spoliation or tampering with evidence later in the litigation.

Ensuring data integrity

We have the capability to search, locate, consolidate and organize digital evidence in engagements of all sizes, capturing information from one personal computer (PC) or many, across data management systems or corporate information technology (IT) networks with multiple platforms, storage and email systems accurately and efficiently. The service can be tailored as needed to include simple preparation only, or expanded to include processing, review, analysis and presentation of the findings.

We operate under the guidelines set out in the ACPO Good Practice Guide for Computer-Based Electronic Evidence and ensure that all acquired data is backed up and kept in our secure laboratories.

The maintenance of evidential integrity is paramount, and all movement or handling of evidence is recorded in contemporaneous notes and logs. Our reports can be supported by an expert witness report or statement of fact.

All work carried out by the forensic technology team is governed by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard.

Cost reduction techniques

Baker Tilly can consult on a number of ways to potentially reduce or control the cost of eDiscovery. These might include techniques or process to map data, preplan litigation response, integrate machine learning, and ensure consistent execution of processes.

An eDiscovery playbook can be a valuable resource for investigations, regulatory inquiries, subpoenas, privacy audits, cybersecurity incidents and due diligence for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

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eDiscovery technology

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