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Keith Tuffin is a principal with Baker Tilly’s forensic, litigation and valuation services practice. For more than 30 years, Keith has been quantifying economic damages in major international insurance claims and in litigation. Working with clients across six continents, Keith is well versed in the nuances of complex losses including business interruption, loss of profits, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty

From evaluating multimillion pound claims involving multiple parties to helping foster the growth and development of the next generation of business leaders, Keith has a passion for his work. He enjoys the variety of his cases and the often unforeseen twists that make each engagement unique. Keith led the team who were included in the winning entry for the Major Loss of the Year Award at the 2017 British Insurance Awards.

Keith has worked on complex cases in many sectors around the world – including those located in the UK, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia, South Africa and South America. He is often instructed and appears as an expert witness in a wide variety of legal cases on behalf of both claimants and defendants.

  • Downstream: a loss of refining capabilities resulting from damage to a pipe network in Holland led to complex intercompany losses within the supply network, requiring required investigation and reconciliation
  • Downstream: an explosion at an Indian oil refinery necessitated a shutdown of the whole refinery. The refinery operated under an off take agreement with the local government. Deliveries of crude oil from a number of different countries resulted in variations to slate
  • Downstream: equipment damage in an Indian petrochemical company using a conventional ethylene cracker for their High Density Polyprothene and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plants resulted in a business interruption loss at the LLDPE plant. This required a detailed review of inputs and slate in order to determine the loss within the indemnity period
  • Downstream: an Indian Petrochemical plant required a funding analysis under a DSU situation. Acted for lawyers in the case that went to International Arbitration, Keith provided evidence in the proceedings. He demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Arbitrators that the project would not have had sufficient funding in place to achieve the scheduled completion date
  • Power: quantified several power and utility company losses in Israel resulting from different events. The losses included gas turbine, solar, and hydro facilities in either the operating or construction phase
  • Power: an Italian power generation plant had damage to a gas turbine at a CCGT plant. The loss required review of the day ahead market and Intra Market sales, and an underlying understanding of the Italian power market
  • Power: quantified losses stemming from a mechanical breakdown at a turbine for hydro power stations in Portugal. The breakdown resulted in an interruption of supply onto the MIBEL, the Iberian Electricity Market
  • Power: damage at a hydro facility in Norway resulted in loss of energy sales and build-up of water in a reservoir network. Quantifying the loss required a full understanding of the hydro network as the effected station was at the end of a complex flow of water from reservoirs
  • Power: the loss of a turbine at a major UK plant resulted in lost electricity sales. As a result, an analysis of sales contracts, gas supply contracts and CO2 credits was required
  • Power: a network of wind powered turbines in the US was effected by an incident which required analysis of the losses by different incident dates and the application of relevant deductibles. Furthermore, the client requested a review of warranty payments and applicable tax credits
  • Power: a commercial arbitration resulted when one party pulled out of the contract to construct a gas fired power station in Singapore. An analysis of expected sales upon completion of the project and associated costs was required but the Arbitrator, which included providing expert reports.
  • Power: provided a detailed examination of the terms of a PPA and resulting losses following the loss of a turbine in Singapore. Additionally, significant increased costs were incurred which required review and calculation of economic limits
  • The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, member
  • The Academy of Expert, member
  • Keith has extensive experience in many areas of consultation and testimony, including appointment as an adjudicator for the London-based City Disputes Panel. He has been instructed as an expert for claimants and defendants, acted as a single joint expert and has given evidence in the London High Court. Keith has participated in concurrent expert evidence (aka hot tubbing) at a non-binding arbitration
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, fellow


London, U.K.


Bachelor of Arts in accounting and finance
Kingston University (London, England)