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Getting started with ESG: A checklist for general contractors

Implementing strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices is no longer optional, it's essential for long-term success. For many general contractors, getting started with ESG and sustainability can sound daunting. This checklist will guide you through a clear and actionable process to get your company started on its ESG and sustainability journey, breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps. 

General contractors are facing a myriad of ESG and sustainability pressures that demand swift action. Project owners, investors and clients are increasingly prioritizing energy-efficient buildings and the adoption of sustainable materials. Simultaneously, the workforce is advocating for greater emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), fair labor standards, enhanced worker health and safety protocols. Adding to the complexity are increased insurance costs and regulatory mandates such as the Federal Supplier Climate Risks and Resilience Proposed Rule, which would require general contractors engaged in federal projects to disclose critical climate-related data, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

In this evolving landscape, this checklist serves as a strategic tool to empower general contractors with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate these challenges and kick-start their transformative ESG and sustainability journey. 

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