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ESG: Where do I start?

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) stakeholder expectations and ESG-related regulatory compliance (i.e., SEC, CSRD) pressures rise, many organizations are turning their focus to sustainability and ESG-related priorities and initiatives. However, most organizations are unsure what to do and where to begin on their ESG strategy — from compliance reporting to relevancy with their customers and employees — it can be difficult to get started, but Baker Tilly is here to help.

In the Minnesota Society of CPAs (MNCPA) Footnote Magazine article “ESG: Where do I start?”, Baker Tilly’s Mallory Thomas discusses how to:

  • Get started with your ESG and sustainability program 
  • Report ESG-related data 
  • Assess ESG-related risks 
  • Evaluate your ESG initiatives and strategy 
  • Plan ahead for future ESG requirements 
Ready to start your ESG journey? 

We meet organizations where they are at on their ESG journey. 

Baker Tilly understands the complexities organizations face regarding ESG strategy, compliance requirements and stakeholder pressures. Through an industry-focused lens, we help organizations manage risk, innovate, and create and protect value through detailed execution of ESG initiatives. 

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