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SEC steps up enforcement on ESG reporting with climate disclosure rules looming

In ESG Today, Baker Tilly’s Joe Donnelly discuss important aspects of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent high-profile enforcement actions and its expanding, proactive pursuit of ESG-related reporting misconduct. Companies must take three key steps now to provide accurate statements in ESG-related disclosures and to establish a more sustainable ESG strategy and control framework.

In addition to regulatory pressures, there are a variety of stakeholders advocating for accurate and consistent sustainability reporting. Organizations that are not taking a proactive approach face regulatory, reputational and financial risks. It can be a tricky landscape, but forward-thinking leaders are integrating their ESG strategy with the overall business strategy to better prepare for ESG reporting requirements.

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How to prepare for the proposed SEC climate change disclosure

As organizations await the final SEC climate change disclosure ruling, there are three steps to take to prepare for these requirements, while keeping ESG governance, strategy risk management and targets in mind. Are you prepared?

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ESG is emerging as the preferred framework for companies to transparently report sustainability activities. Whether you’re looking to expand on existing ESG efforts or if you’re just getting started, we’ll meet you where you are.

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