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Higher Ed Advisor: strategies to mitigate construction risks in higher education

When institutions take on these large capital projects, they come with a lot of risk. We help our clients really understand where those potential risks lie as it relates to those capital programs, and then our work helps them to mitigate those risks.
Robert Zellmer, Baker Tilly

Welcome to Higher Ed Advisor, the Baker Tilly podcast series where we speak with higher education industry leaders about practical and proactive guidance to help colleges and universities protect and enhance their value.

In this evolving higher education environment, one risk area institutional leaders must keep top-of-mind is the construction risks their campuses face.

In this episode, Baker Tilly construction and real estate advisory practice senior managers, Robert Zellmer and Heath Whitaker, explore the construction risks that could impact an institution’s capital projects and how to proactively mitigate such risks. Listen as our Value Architects™ outline:

  • How a proper construction audit or risk assessment directly affects (and benefits) a project’s outcome
  • Key approaches that can ensure more efficient and transparent projects
  • The critical role of compliance and opportunities to strengthen controls
  • The importance of having a “fit-for-purpose” mindset for each construction endeavor
  • Ways a trusted ally like Baker Tilly helps architect solutions aligned with institutional goals
Don’t miss the top three construction risks that colleges and universities should consider now, success stories from the field and lessons learned.

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One of the unique things about Baker Tilly is being able to build the relationship between the parties that aren't necessarily those whom we’re working for.
Heath Whitaker, Baker Tilly

Meet this episode’s guest speakers

  • Robert Zellmer, CCA, MSA, Senior Manager, Construction and Real Estate Advisory, Baker Tilly
  • Heath Whitaker, Senior Manager, Capital Project Advisory, Baker Tilly
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