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Solutions for academic medical centers

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Academic medical centers (AMCs) face new challenges, pressures and risks in the evolving healthcare and higher education landscapes. Our experienced Value Architects™ understand the intersection of higher education and healthcare.

To better position your organization and respond effectively to changing regulations, costs and quality standards, AMCs must transform payment models, improve patient outcomes and enhance financial performance.

Baker Tilly helps AMCs navigate these complex challenges to balance your research, clinical, and educational missions through our collaborative risk and assurance solutions.

Manage and mitigate risk

Internal audit resource center

Healthy Outcomes | A Baker Tilly podcast series

Healthy Outcomes: A Baker Tilly podcast

Our Value Architects™ and healthcare industry leaders discuss issues and opportunities that can help your organization win now and anticipate tomorrow.

Since engaging Baker Tilly as our internal audit function, the level of comfort of the trustees with internal audit and its work has risen tremendously.
Audit Committee Chair and Chief Audit Executive for a major academic medical center