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Performance Optimization

Baker Tilly’s performance optimization professionals help clients ensure that resources are aligned with strategic priorities and positioned for cost effectiveness.

With an expanding list of priorities and expectations, fewer resources and an increased demand for immediate response and transparency, organizations today seek new ways to optimize their operational footprint now, and as they plan for tomorrow. The challenge lies in striking a balance between the organization you want to create, and the funds available to support the organization’s vision.

Compliance requirements, increased competition for talent and resources, and operational demands can quickly derail that vision.

It starts with an integrated approach across the enterprise that incorporates strategy alignment and fiscal position assessment. By clearly understanding strategic drivers and aligning talent and funding to them, we help clients to gain clarity on priorities and required outcomes – with the ultimate goal of strategy achievement within an enhanced fiscal position.

We equip our clients with the strategic insights, workforce alignment and operational strategies to optimize performance by collaboration in:

  • Resource optimization reviews – ensure a return for every dollar invested in programs, services and administrative functions
  • Benchmarking studies – better understand best practices and common pitfalls through custom studies
  • Effective use of technology – in support of operational decision-making, efficient processes and responsive service delivery
  • Financial modeling, ratios and decision support – leverage our functional modeling experience combined with our industry specializations to make better strategic, financial and operational decisions using quantitative analysis based on market insights that help contextualize critical data
  • Outsourced Accounting Services – achieve support executing shared services models or turn to Baker Tilly to offer key infrastructure support staffing related to accounting, technology management and internal audit.
At a time when meeting fiscal obligations is challenging, Baker Tilly assisted us by learning about us, listening and asking questions and then offering us several suggestions.
District Administrator for a large school district
I am very thankful for Baker Tilly's assistance with this transformation project. We'd have never gotten close to what you've done, especially in such a short time.
Chief Information Officer of a large university system