Key takeaways from the 2023 Navigating Risks in Higher Education Workshop

Key takeaways from the 2023 Navigating Risks in Higher Education Workshop

Lessons learned from the past year of higher education risk management programs

On Nov. 9-10, 2023, Baker Tilly and the North Carolina State University (NC State) Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative co-convened our eighth annual risk management roundtable with attendees representing more than 25 higher education institutions.

This higher education ERM workshop serves as a forum for collaborative discussions, insights and shared experiences in navigating complex and evolving risk landscapes within academic institutions. Among the diverse pool of knowledge exchanged, three key themes emerged, encapsulating strategic approaches and leading industry practices.

2023 higher education risk workshop discussion themes

  1. Tips for aligning risks with your institution’s strategic objectives
  2. Considerations for shaping and strengthening your institution’s ERM program for the future
  3. Strategies for delivering important risk information to the board

Download the 2023 takeaways guide for a deeper dive into these core ERM themes. Our insights capture the essence of valuable roundtable discussions and offer different perspectives to enhance ERM in today’s higher education environment.

Baker Tilly can help

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In an age of increasing risk complexity, institutions face risk in every part of their operations, including the risk of not identifying opportunities. Developing a strategic ERM program to proactively identify, categorize and prioritize the myriad risks and opportunities across the enterprise – without the support of specialists – takes a substantial investment of time and resources.

Leveraging our team’s deep knowledge and experience in implementing ERM solutions across the higher education and other industries, colleges and universities rely on us to identify, prioritize and mitigate risk and seize opportunities.

Baker Tilly’s ERM professionals offer value at the intersection of strategy, risk and compliance.

You can count on our objective, customized and tailored methodologies grounded in leading practices to help connect seemingly disparate risks and opportunities in strategy, finance, operations, technology and compliance.

As a result, your institution will be better positioned to reduce the chance of loss, create value for stakeholders, maintain financial stability and drive innovation.

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