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Artificial intelligence and the future of higher education

Featured in AGB's Trusteeship Magazine

Baker Tilly’s higher education digital transformation specialists, Christine Smith and Jordan Anderson, recently sat down with the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) to discuss the critical time and opportunity for higher education institutions to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to support strategic objectives. Our AI trailblazers are featured in the May/June 2024 issue of AGB’s Trusteeship Magazine along with fellow higher education thought leaders to share what boards should be doing to realize AI’s potential and address challenges and risks at their institutions.

Read this AI article for insights on:

  • Questions the board should ask about AI
  • The need for AI in higher education
  • AI strategy and determining your position on the AI journey
  • AI risks to address now
  • The case for doing more with AI
  • Assessing AI readiness
  • AI tools for the board to use
  • The need for stakeholder groups
  • Strategic partnerships in AI

Key takeaways from the article

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  • Now is the time for colleges and universities to embrace and make decisions on AI that align with their goals and resource needs
  • There are myriad risks that higher education boards and leaders must address immediately to leverage AI successfully
  • AI models can help institutions perform an AI readiness assessment
  • Board support and advocacy is imperative to effective AI implementation and leaders should carefully curate and present the case for AI to the board in a timely and collaborative manner
  • Strategic partnerships can help boards implement AI initiatives faster
There are a lot of moving parts to make this [framework] successful and to continue to sustain and evolve AI.
Jordan Anderson, Director, Baker Tilly

How Baker Tilly can help

Our team is ready to help your institution on its AI journey, from AI readiness assessments and governance frameworks to implementation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can chart a course to AI success.

5 dimensions of AI readiness

The vice chancellor of finance for one of our flagship institutions was discussing the need to explore AI, knowing it’s necessary, and quickly adding, ‘I don’t have the budget or staff time to do this broadly.' Instead, he proposed focusing on one function and assessing the costs and benefits. I found his choice to prioritize AI in facilities management and maintenance was particularly astute, as it wasn’t the most obvious area for AI applications, but it encompasses everything from energy cost savings to maintenance staff scheduling and exhibits the potential payback from capital investment.
Christine Smith, Managing Director - Higher Education, Baker Tilly
Jordan Anderson
Christine M. Smith
Managing Director
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