We can handle the day-to-day operations of your accounting back-office

Accounting solutions for oil and gas investors and third party investment vehicles

Oil and gas asset management needs can vary greatly based on objectives of the organization, type of interest, size of interest, number of wells and existing ownership. Our clients in this space run the gamut from publicly traded Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and royalty portfolios with over 10,000 active wells, to private partnerships with large working interest in a smaller array of plays, or to family, trusts and individual ownership of royalty and working interest.  

We know land and mineral management can be frustrating and complicated. We provide practical solutions to best meet your organization’s needs. Often, this is a combination of working with data providers and optimizing systems and automation, using our offshore team for reduced data entry and integration costs, all being managed by seasoned oil and gas accountants and controllers.

Operational bookkeeping

Do you have any of the following issues?

  • Are you behind in the monthly close process? Backlogged JIB and revenue detail entry queue?
  • Is it hard to retain experienced staff or just need a part time accountant?
  • Not sure if you are receiving payments for all of what you own? 
  • Is it difficult to create meaningful reports by well and operator to make actionable decisions?
  • Are you ensuring your income tax burdens is minimized?
  • Are you capturing your interest and ownership in to support divestiture planning, restructuring or estate planning needs?
  • Are you worried that your next acquisition will overwhelm your current accounting processes?
  • Are you capital constrained because your lender does not trust your financials?

If your accounting back office does not support your operational, administrative or communications needs, engage our Baker Tilly oil and gas accounting specialists. Our team can handle the day-to-day operations of your accounting back office, while you focus on other priorities.

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