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Benefits & Compensation

Every day, companies are aware of the pressure and need to attract, retain and motivate top talent, but struggle to understand how to develop effective strategies and launch initiatives that will engage their workforce.

The pressure is on for organizations to stay competitive and one of the keys to success is attracting, retaining and motivating top talent. Many companies are aware of this pressure, but struggle to understand how to develop strategies and launch initiatives that will engage their workforce.

    It’s no longer simply about providing adequate benefits and pay through traditional processes; it’s also about segmenting the workforce, differentiating rewards, and illustrating specifically how employee contributions impact business outcomes and individual rewards. Managing and adjusting your salary ranges frequently is also essential to maintaining a competitive business edge. Compensation expectations change as market trends and your internal needs fluctuate.

    Baker Tilly’s experienced Human Capital professionals will get you to a holistic strategy.

    We’ll work with you to develop compensation and benefits plans that can be delivered globally, yet allow for local differences to minimize security or audit risks. Equipped with information and guidance for fact-based, defensible decision-making, your executives and managers can support the business strategy

    Defining a total compensation strategy is not something you can do blindfolded. Our compensation analysis process begins by evaluating the methods of compensation your organization currently uses including: base compensation, deferred compensation, sales commission and short-term/long-term incentives. Following the research and evaluation period, our team begins developing a highly-customized compensation model by blending your organization’s specific criteria with our industry knowledge.

    Together, we will implement the processes, tools and technology to optimize employee benefits and compensation, demonstrate to employees the impact of their individual contributions to business outcomes and ultimately help transform the value of your programs.

    Service Offerings:

    • Employee Benefits
    • Benefits Administration
    • Outsourced Benefits Administration
    • Workforce Compensation Solutions
    • Total Rewards Strategy - Development/Implementation/Execution
    • Compensation Process Design/System Implementations
    • Executive Compensation Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
    • Incentive and Variable Pay Components
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    Why should organizations care about their human capital today?