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Economic development for local governments

Baker Tilly helps communities evaluate and structure economic development packages to produce long-term financial gain – using tax increment financing, tax abatement and the right balance of a variety of economic development tools.

    At a glance

    Many times communities are competing for the same new economic development opportunity. But it’s not wise to say “yes” to every economic development opportunity that comes your way. You need to run the numbers, consider alternatives and make informed decisions about what’s right for your community to avoid overburdening your existing taxpayers or putting your community at risk.

    Baker Tilly’s economic development services continue long after the deal is done. We provide accurate financial data and reporting so you can make informed decisions about releasing tax revenue and leveraging your investment to generate additional development. Our services include:

    • Economic impact analysis
    • Tax abatement alternatives
    • Tax increment (TIF) feasibility studies
    • Tax impact analysis
    • Assistance with the creation of TIF areas
    • Developing funding alternatives
    • Developing incentive packages
    • Financial presentations to elected officials and the public

    Bond Issuance

    As an independent advisor, our only priority is doing what’s best for the local governments we serve.

    • Official statements and bond sale preparations
    • Presentations to bond ratings agencies
    • Evaluation of bond insurance proposals
    • Competitive bond sales and electronic bidding services
    • Negotiated bond sales and private placements
    • Coordination of bond closings
    • Assistance to the trustee bank

    Post Issuance

    You as the bond issuer have a great deal of responsibility for monitoring your TIF revenue, reporting and compliance, at a time when you’d much rather celebrate the benefits of your hard-won economic development project. Our team can take those worries off your plate.

    • Monitoring of tax increment revenues
    • In-progress construction reports
    • Arbitrage rebate calculations
    • Continuing disclosure filings
    • Post issuance tax compliance
    • Escrow verifications
    • Parity reports