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Public Sector Human Capital Services

Public sector leaders face unprecedented challenges finding, developing, motivating and keeping a talented, highly-engaged workforce. Our team is committed to supplying public officials with creative, practical and cost-effective solutions to all their human capital needs.

    At a glance

    Our broad expertise and range of services make us unique among public sector advisors.

    From local, state and federal government to public schools, higher education and specialized agencies (transit, utilities, housing, etc.) our services enable your staff to focus their efforts while we remove obstacles or provide individualized advice and guidance.    

    Our solutions

    Services include: 

    • Organizational management consulting
    • Compensation consulting
    • Community surveys
    • Public sector executive recruitment 

    Organizational management consulting

    Organizations are continuously looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and maximize the use of available human, financial and capital resources. Baker Tilly is experienced and well-positioned to help local government managers and elected officials alike to think and act more strategically. We help you make sound decisions and take purposeful action by helping your administration evaluate organizational structure, programs, departments and services, and develop strategies for optimal efficiency and achievement.

    Management consulting services include:

    • Organizational management
    • Strategic planning
    • Facilitation
    • Organizational improvement studies
    • Staffing level analyses
    • Resource sharing, collaboration and intergovernmental cooperation

    Compensation consulting

    Pay levels for public sector agencies should be determined through well-understood and objective standards; competitive enough to attract and retain qualified, high-performing employees; sufficiently flexible to encourage initiative and innovation; and complimentary to overall organizational strategy to ensure responsible stewardship of public funds.

    Baker Tilly’s methodology adheres to principles that ensure your organization conducts a study that meets its stated goals and objectives, has internal and external integrity, and faces the least resistance during and after implementation.

    • Classification and compensation studies should include employee engagement ensuring support for the project is likely to grow organically, making for a more seamless implementation.
    • Classification and compensation systems are the foundation of all other human resources programs, supporting the agency’s mission, vision and values and structured to achieve human capital management and workgroup operating goals.
    • Position classification should be a defensible process based on a quantifiable, consistent system of job evaluation. Our proprietary, legally-validated job evaluation methodology (SAFE®) is unmatched.  It uniquely qualifies us to provide national services without geographic or industrial barriers. 
    • Compensation surveys should include relevant benchmark organizations and reflect each entity’s defined compensation philosophy. Who does an entity compete with for talent? Are the demographic characteristics similar? Is there consistency in the services provided? What is the appropriate competitive position that affords the ability to recruit, retain and motivate employees while safeguarding public funds?

    Compensation consulting services include:

    • Position classification and job evaluation
    • Total compensation survey and analysis
    • Job description development
    • Compensation plan assessment
    • Compensation philosophy development
    • Employee perception surveys
    • Pay equity reviews
    • Personnel policies
    • Performance evaluation 
    • e-Solutions (web-based compensation and benefits programs)
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