Public Sector Human Capital Advisory

  1. Kate Crowley

    Kate Crowley


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  3. Nicholas R. Dragisich

    Nicholas R. Dragisich


    Managing Director

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    David W. Eisenlohr

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  5. Caitlin Humrickhouse

    Caitlin M. Humrickhouse

    MPA, SWP


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  7. Jada Kent

    Jada Kent

    CCP, MPA

    Senior Manager

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    Jacquelyn McCray

    Ph.D., AICP


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    Amy Paul

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    Jan Perkins

    Managing Director

As a public sector leader, you face daunting challenges in attracting, hiring, developing, motivating and sustaining a talented, highly-engaged workforce. Building the human capital resiliency you need to achieve your mission is at the core of everything Baker Tilly does.

    At a glance

    Change is all around us: the coming wave of retiring baby boomers; the influx of younger, mobile, socially aware workers; the erosion of corporate loyalty, evolving pay and benefit expectations; the emergence of the virtual workplace – and these are moving targets. Successful government executives at all levels – large and small, urban and rural – are rising to meet these trends and issues with adaptability and innovation. Baker Tilly’s Value Architects™ are here to help solve today's workforce challenges and address tomorrow's opportunities.

    Through a comprehensive breadth of service offerings, our public sector human capital team is committed to providing creative, practical and cost-effective solutions to address your talent management needs. We empower you to make sound decisions and take purposeful action through a holistic approach to evaluating and executing on your organizational goals and objectives.

    Recognizing that your organization's most important resource is its people, our solutions focus on protecting and enhancing the value of this asset. Working with Baker Tilly means that whether you need to conduct a strategic recruitment, transform your human resources (HR) operations, modernize your pay plan, strengthen organizational culture, elevate employee engagement or upgrade your HR technology, our team is ready to be your collaborative ally in the journey.

    Organizational strategy and workforce planning

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    We help organizations align structure, staffing levels and talent development to strategic priorities.

    • Cost of living adjustment (COLA)/merit increase budget strategy
    • Compensation philosophy development
    • Competency/knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) model design
    • Executive recruitment
    • Metric and key performance indicator development
    • Organizational redesign
    • Pay compression and equity analysis
    • Pay plan improvement
    • Staffing studies
    • Succession planning

    Human resources optimization

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    Move beyond tactical to strategic through competency building, leveraging technology and improving processes.

    • Employee engagement assessment
    • HR department operational assessments and performance audits

    Talent acquisition and retention

    Baker Tilly has the breadth of services required to help your organization stay competitive in today’s tight labor market.

    • Cost of living adjustment (COLA)/merit increase budget to help retain employees
    • Compensation and classification studies
    • Competency/knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) model design to create career pathways
    • Employee engagement assessments
    • Executive coaching
    • Executive recruitment
    • Facilitation and training
    • Job evaluation/internal equity review
    • Nontraditional benefit benchmarking and deployment
    • Recruitment process assessments
    • Succession and workforce planning

    Risk and compliance

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    Maintain compliance with regulations and policies and proactively mitigate your organization’s risk.

    • Compliance audits
    • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) review
    • Gender/race equity review
    • Human capital risk reviews
    • Job description updates
    • Policy and procedure reviews/development

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