Municipal Advisory Services for Local Governments

  1. Doug Baldessari

    Doug Baldessari



  2. Susan Borries Reed

    Susan Borries Reed


    Managing Director

  3. Brian C. Colton

    Brian Colton


  4. Matt Eckerle

    Matt Eckerle



  5. Brad E. Elmer

    Brad E. Elmer

    Managing Director

  6. Dave Erdman

    David Erdman

    Managing Director

  7. Doug Green

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  8. Ben Hart

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    Eric J. Walsh



Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors are passionate about helping local governments enhance their communities. That’s why we created a top ten municipal advisory firm within one of the nation’s largest accounting and advisory firms.

    At a glance

    Local governments have challenges that are different from other public sector entities. These include developing long-range strategic plans and utilizing various funding sources to enhance the community. We also assist with projecting changes in tax revenue and finding new revenue sources, funding ongoing enhancements to the community and structuring the most advantageous economic development packages. Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors’ goal is to help you craft complete strategies to address your most pressing opportunities and challenges.

    Our team is comprised of financial advisors and consultants, many of whom have roots as local government leaders. This experience from the “other side of the desk” means they have a strong understanding of the issues you face and the need to balance the priorities of multiple stakeholders.

    Solutions for local governments

    • Official statements and bond sale preparations
    • Presentations to bond rating agencies
    • Evaluation of bond insurance proposals
    • Competitive bond sales and electronic bidding services
    • Refinancing debt
    • Negotiated bond sales and private placements
    • Coordination of bond closings
    • Assistance to the trustee bank
    • Parity reports
    • Escrow verifications
    • In-progress construction reports
    • Arbitrage rebate calculations
    • Annual continuing disclosure filings
    • Debt management
    • Post-issuance compliance

    Capital planning

    • Debt management solutions
    • Long range capital planning and implementation
    • Project planning and financial development
    • Developing and evaluating funding alternatives
    • Financial presentations to elected officials and stakeholders

    Strategic planning

    • Fiscal assessments
    • Comprehensive financial plans
    • Long range strategic planning

    Municipal and financial advisory

    • Economic development financial planning
    • Private, federal and state incentive structuring and negotiation assistance
    • Tax increment financing (TIF) and incentive administration services
    • Project financing
    • Project financial and economic impact analyses
    • Tax credit assistance

    Strategic planning

    • Local and regional economic development strategic planning
    • Policy positioning and development
    • Revitalization strategies
    • Retail and small business support strategies
    • Public-private partnership (P3) strategies
    • Stakeholder education and engagement
    • Project facilitation, implementation and evaluation
    • Strategic funding planning and implementation

    BTMA+ is a suite of solutions to help you meet your goals.

    Finance training and support

    • Assisting new finance directors
    • Outsourced finance services
    • Cash advisory services
    • Grant support

    Financial management and accounting

    • Bank reconciliations
    • General ledger maintenance
    • Audit preparation
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Comprehensive financial planning
    • Management and operational studies

    Budgeting and planning

    • Budget forecasting and preparation
    • Budget workshops for governing bodies and leadership
    • Budget monitoring and reporting
    • Community goals assessment and establishment
    • Strategic funding plan development
    • Multiyear plan execution
    • Plan progress evaluation and monitoring
    Blue buildings in a city

    Helping a city enhance its downtown

    Like many cities across the country, a mid-sized Upper Midwest city had a goal of maintaining its vibrant downtown. Find out how the Baker Tilly team assisted in all aspects of their financing plan.

    Water flowing from creek in Independence, Missouri

    City creates successful debt repayment plan and strengthens credit rating while minimizing revenue fund impact

    Baker Tilly helped implement a creative solution to the City of Independence, Missouri's Crackerneck Creek retail project with TIF debt refunding.

    Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC is a registered municipal advisor and controlled subsidiary of Baker Tilly Advisory Group, LLP, a tax and advisory firm. Baker Tilly Advisory Group, LP, trading as Baker Tilly, is a member of the global network of Baker Tilly International Ltd., the members of which are separate and independent legal entities.