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Leveraging Addepar for comprehensive oversight of your financial universe

Baker Tilly’s Family Wealth Insights demo

Baker Tilly’s Family Wealth Insights solution is powered by Addepar. Addepar is the foundation of our technology stack. It transforms how our family office and ultra-high-net-worth clients visualize and interact with their wealth. How?

The following demo video walks through the Addepar platform and details our approach to organizing each client’s wealth.

Leveraging Addepar, Family Wealth Insights keeps our clients informed. We provide each client with the ability to make proactive decisions and understand the implications of each financial move. We can dissect your portfolio to reveal asset allocations, compare historical performance and anticipate future growth trajectories.

We are committed to equipping our clients with tools and insights to navigate their wealth journey with confidence. While this demo focuses on Addepar’s capabilities, it is part of our larger Family Wealth Insights solution. Its power is amplified when integrated with general ledger systems. And, it offers a seamless continuity from investment oversight to accounting excellence.

To learn more about Family Wealth Insights, connect with our team.

Couple sitting together on a couch looking at insights derived from Addepar on tablet

Multi-generational family leverages Family Wealth Insights to gain real-time insights into investments, bill pay and more

Learn how Family Wealth Insights helped an ultra-high-net-worth family look at their data in different and timely ways.

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Executive Managing Director