Comprehensive Capital: The role of credits and incentives in the financing package

Well publicized “megadeals” have been communicated as the economic engines of the regions they choose to locate to. These new projects provide an optimistic outlook on future job creation and secondary economic growth. To attract these businesses, state and local governments leverage credits and incentives as a lucrative benefit package to choosing their state.

This complimentary webinar led by Baker Tilly Capital professionals highlights recent “megadeals” and how they reached agreements with the states they chose. More importantly, we describe what this means to all project sizes and help you understand what credits and incentives are available nationwide and how to position your project to take advantage of opportunities as you plan your new development or expansion.

The program also discusses

  • How governments structure incentive packages to attract businesses
  • The most popular incentive programs used in economic development and how they may pertain to your project
  • How to position your project to take advantage of applicable incentives

Baker Tilly presenters

Download the presentation: Comprehensive capital webinar

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Use our interactive tax credit mapping tool to help you determine if a project is located in a “distressed” census track that may qualify for tax credits.