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Business Wealth Management Services

Whatever your unique situation, our wealth management advisors can help you plan effectively for your financial and business goals.

Your business may be in a growth phase, or you may be looking to exit. It may be your retirement vehicle or a step toward another entrepreneurial venture. It may remain in the family or you may plan to sell to a third party when you exit.

Baker Tilly Wealth Management offers risk management and succession planning to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to safeguard the future of their business or achieve a successful exit. We also can help you with your employee retirement benefit plan, whether that means setting up from scratch or finding a better plan that works for you and your employees. And, our cash flow analysis services will help you plan for short-, mid- or long-term goals.

Our solutions

Business retirement plans

Retirement planning is a critical piece of everyone’s financial picture and a key offering to attract and retain top employees. We can support your small business’ retirement plans from start to finish, whether it be a 401(k), 403(b) or other employee benefit plan. Our advisors can help you choose the right fit for your employees, implement the plan and work with your employees to help them reach their retirement goals.

Risk management

People are the lifeblood of your company. Owners, senior leadership and key employees bring not only vision and guidance, but also generate a significant amount of revenue through their networks and connections. What happens when one of them is gone? How would that affect the company financially?

Our process identifies key leadership and employees, looks at the value they bring to the business and helps you determine how you can prepare yourself in case of their departure. We can help you:

  • Plan for retirement
  • Plan for the unexpected loss of a top executive
  • Plan in case of disability
  • Review, set up and fund buy/sell agreements

Business succession planning

What will happen to your business when you exit? Will you sell to family, employees or a third party? Do you need your business sale to fund your retirement?

Our advisors take a holistic approach to business succession planning, starting with your personal and business goals and developing a solid exit plan to achieve them.

We take the following areas into consideration:

  • Key value components and assets
  • Purchase price goals
  • Tax implications of the sale
  • Special circumstances related to a forced exit

Cash flow analysis

Our cash flow analysis begins by looking at your income and expenses. We know that your cash flow needs will change over time. The planning that we provide is not static and will change as your needs change. We look at any changes that may be necessary to achieve your goals. This step takes into account short-term, mid-term and long-term goals that we will help you identify.

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